Matcha Green Tea For Your Daily Cosmetic Routine- Why Not Try It?

Matcha tea for your skin? Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, we say.

With its antioxidant properties, matcha green tea is the natural choice for your skin, in every way.

Check out our beauty editor’s selection of matcha green tea cosmetics to try in your daily routine!


The Face Mask

Grow Matcha Clay Mask By Leegeehaam

As this glides onto your skin, luxuriate in the green colored goodness which the antioxidants bring to your complexion. Created to combat the problem of large pores, this is a great choice for teenage skin or anyone else suffering from oily patches. Emerge revitalized and re-energized after just one application.

Guide Price $20

Plant Matcha Antioxidant Mask

If you suffer from break outs and clogged pores, then nothing is better than a burst of matcha green tea to revive it. The antioxidant properties in matcha are just perfect for a face mask and this careful blend of essential oils, chamomile and white clay will make you glow all day!

Guide Price $24

Ritualitea Matcha Madness By Origins Powder Face Mask

Looking to spend a little more on your skin care routine? How about this delectable powder face mask by skin care experts Origins?

It contains six thousand tea leaves per pound of product – and that’s a lot!

For baby smooth skin and unbeatable tone and condition, we can’t recommend this matcha face mask enough.

Guide Price $36

Matcha Magic Super Antioxidant Face Mask By Boscia

Another mid priced product, this fusion face mask by Boscia brings both the magic of matcha together with another cool kid on the block, bakuchiol. Bakuchiol is an alternative to retinol, with a plant base. It will deliver all the advantages of vitamin A as retinol does, but won’t leave your skin chafing and irritable.

Guide Price $38

The Cleanser

Green Ceremony Cleanser By Odacite

To begin your beauty regime, you need a cleanser. This foamy cleanser by French American company Odacite will wipe away the dirt and grime from your face, but do it gently.

Unlike some cheaper cleansers, which strip the skin of its natural oils, this is a delicate product which will not be harsh to your complexion.

Ideal for mature skin, as well as teenagers or anyone prone to a breakout, the chlorophyll of the matcha tea removes toxins from the complexion in a soft and natural way.

Guide Price $55

The Toner

Milk Matcha Toner

Once you have cleansed, you need to tone, but some toners can be a very acerbic experience.

This is not the case for the gentle and nutritious toner by American company Milk.

Presenting itself as a solid stick, Milk claim to have created the world’s first solid toner.

It promises to treat your skin with respect and does what most toners do not, brings hydration and calm to enraged skin, with its cactus extracts.

Also containing witch hazel and kombucha, it will restore your skin to its natural balance.

Why not check out the matcha cleanser also made by this brand?

Guide Price $26

The Face Cream

Antioxidant Peach And Lily Matcha Pudding

This is a veritable bounty of goodies all waiting to enhance your skin. This Peach and Lily Antioxidant Cream contains extracts of matcha tea as well as a lilac extract. Use it daily to see the best results.

Guide Price $40

The Eye Cream

Shea Moisture Matcha And Probiotic Soothing Relief

This is your first line in the defense against bags and wrinkles. The applicator on the container is metal, which will help to cool down tired eyes further. Try it first thing in the morning.

Guide Price $11

Any more matcha flavored recommendations? We would love to hear them!

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