Nail Polish Trends – Nailed London and Rosie Fortescue


In the world of fashion, trends can emerge overnight and can also fade just as quickly. Social technology has allowed the masses to not only have instant access to the latest trends, but to also have the ability to actively define them. Nailed London brand nail polish recognizes the power of the masses to define what it means to stand out from the crowd. Reality stars such as Rosie Fortescue and anyone with the last name Kardashian are a prime example of the ability of regular people to promote the avant-garde and influence fashion trends at the highest level. Rosie’s attitude and flare are the inspiration behind some of Nailed London’s top selling nail polish.

If you watch Made in Chelsea, you have no doubt noted the trend setting lifestyle of stars like Rosie Fortescue. Her posh persona is always unique and carried with a confidence that resonates with young Brits who want to share the same style if not lifestyle. Some of the hottest new trends that Rosie is clearly a fan of are the understated nude and the over the top glitter trends. Rosie often rounds out a nude look with a pop of colour. Nailed London’s “Rosie Cheeks” and “Rosie’s Red” pay homage to her bold, yet classic style, which these polishes are the perfect accompaniment to. All of these fashion elements are incorporated into the Rosie Fortescue collection of formaldehyde free, high quality nail polishes. These gel polishes provide the deep gloss and lasting protection of gel without the need for skin damaging UV cure.

Nude and blush colours have been growing trending of late, with ladies always seeking the most nude of the nude options. Nailed London has perfected the nude look with perfect nude nail polish. Also offered are fun colours like “Fifty Shades” grey and “Berry Sexy” red. One of the most popular colours available is the “Coco Loco” shade which combines a nude shade with an incorporated glitter accent. Pastels, like the colours offered in “Attention Seeker”, “Citron-Ella”, and “Coral Chameleon”, are fun and vibrant, but subdued enough to be suitable in more business environments.

The collection of polishes by Rosie is aimed at providing a classy solution for every style and situation while pushing the envelope of modern trends in colour, texture, and gloss. Rosie Fortescue’s line of nail gel polish from Nailed London is certain to provide plenty of variety and style for fashionistas of all types.

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