New Year’s Eve Nightclub Makeup Tips





How to look great this New Year

If you’re hitting the London clubs this New Year’s Eve our makeup tips will really help you to stand out from the crowd.

London is a great party city at any time of the year with hundreds of fantastic bars and clubs, but at New Year’s Eve it really comes into its own.  If you’re heading to London’s best nightclub this New Year’s Eve you’ll want to make sure that you look your best. Luckily, New Year’s Eve offers a great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try something different when it comes to your makeup.

Go for sparkle

Adding a bit of glitter and shine can really help to glam up your makeup. After all, if you can’t sparkle on New Year’s Eve, when can you? For a high impact look try covering your eyelids with a glittery gold or silver eyeshadow – just make sure you apply it before the rest of your makeup so that any excess glitter can be easily wiped away. If this seems a bit too ‘full-on’ there are subtler ways of making your makeup shine. For example you could play up your lips with a metallic effect lipstick, or draw attention to your hands with a sparkly nail polish. If you’d prefer to glow rather than sparkle, try applying an illuminating highlighter which will catch the light and draw attention to your features.

Be bold

You want your party makeup to make an impact and to look different from your everyday look, so be brave and ditch pale neutral colours in favour of bolder shades. The dim lights of a nightclub mean that you can get away with much stronger makeup than you can in natural daylight, and rich shades such as magenta, emerald greens and deep shimmering blues look especially effective in this sort of environment. Pairing bold eyes and lips isn’t necessarily a makeup ‘no-no’, but it does take a practiced hand, so if you’re a makeup novice it might be best to focus on just one feature.

Make it last

When you’re dancing in a hot club it’s all too easy for your previously perfect makeup to slide off your face, undoing all your hard work and leaving you looking less than glamorous. To avoid this, it’s important to lay the foundations (pardon the pun) and prepare your skin properly. A good facial primer under your foundation will help to smooth and mattify your skin, remove excess oil and significantly increase the staying power of your makeup, while a separate eye primer will help to prevent your eyeshadow from creasing. When it comes to eye makeup you should also consider using waterproof mascara and eyeliner to avoid running and smudging. Finally, finish off with a matte pressed powder to ‘fix’ your makeup in place and prevent shine, helping your makeup to last as long as you do!

Relax and enjoy

Getting ready to go on a night out is all part of the fun but don’t spend too much time obsessing over the details. By all means put some effort into your appearance but don’t stress about getting every element picture perfect. New Year’s Eve is all about letting your hair down and having fun, and a great smile will do more for your appearance than perfect makeup ever will. So no matter what makeup look you choose, make sure you enjoy yourself this New Year’s Eve.

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