Your Next Relationship Is Just Around The Corner – Here’s Why



Close your eyes for a second.
Close them fast, now.
Feel strong, with your heart, fully.
Can’t you feel it?
It’s love – all around.

These days, the world we live turned into a soulless place; chasing after career success replaced chasing dreams, running to the office replaced running home to your The One; instead of hugging someone to sleep we are falling asleep with our laptops on the chest and it’s all gotten a tad overwhelming. Oh well, joys of the 21st century.

Worryingly, this hectic environment has got us thinking love doesn’t matter, doesn’t complete, doesn’t figure – when in fact, love is everything we need to survive.

As I am writing this, I am glancing over at a face sleeping next to me; he looks peaceful, happy even. I notice something resembling a smile in the corner of his lips. Is he dreaming of me? Lana Del Ray is playing on the radio.

Before I met him, I was like you – I thought love would never befall me; I was exercising all kinds of dating tips but genuinely believed I was going to end up alone. Pointless dates. Exhausting flirtations that never suggested anything but a night in the sack. Forced feelings. Terrible. But then, something changed. I changed. Call it getting fed up, maturing over night or simply opening my eyes for the first time, but it happened – I realized things aren’t over. In fact – they were just beginning.

Two months later, I’ve met someone. Yes, that’s the person with a smile in the corner of his lip, waking up next to me for over a year now.

With an overwhelming confidence and all the love in my heart for everyone who is reading this – I assure you, love is going to happen to you too. I can feel it. And how do I know? Here’s how:

You know who you are

Mrs Love will never come to those confused and unprepared; the ol’ gal sits and waits for her opportunity, carefully picking her patrons. She knows she is too precious to waste – so she won’t waste herself on those who would take her for granted. Now that you know who you are and what you are made of, you are more than ready to invite Love into your life.

You are not afraid

The biggest mistake we make is spend most of our days worrying if we’ll end up alone instead of just enjoying the ride. Ending up alone isn’t the worst thing in the world – after all, you’ve got you, your friends, your nieces and nephews. You’ve got the option to adopt, to surrogate, to do virtually anything you want. Ending up alone in the core sense of word is almost impossible to happen. Now that you know that, the Universe understands you are fearless. Your heart and mind are ready and this is when the magic happens.

You are stable

…in every sense of the word – financially stable, emotionally and psychologically. You’ve build yourself up from a messed up teenager to a successful business person, a worthy individual, an amazing soul. Now that you’ve grown, you are ready to differentiate lust from love, and work towards keeping it in your life. At this point – you understand things better and know that love, just like any other art-form, needs to be fueled by constant inspiration and commitment.

You feel amazing

When you feel good you ooze confidence, happiness and glee, and you attract people who are on the same wavelength as you are. The more you work on yourself the better it’ll read among the people you spend time with and before you know it – a beautiful piece of energy compatible with yours will manifest in a form a partner. You guys will spark up the room instantly, and you’ll know. Trust me.

Good luck on your journey, honey. Remember – it’s about to happen, any second now.

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