Not Winning With Weight Loss? Try These Great Ideas

When you have spent years battling with your weight and figure, it can be all too easy to want to give up. Diets and exercise programs may have worked once or twice but then the weight comes back, and you can even end up heavier. You may feel like you have worked as hard as you possibly can. Scratching your head wondering why it’s not working for you isn’t going to help though. If you are prone to being heavier than you want to be, a complete lifestyle change may be required.

Your job may leave you sat down in a chair for eight hours a day. If you eat your lunch at your desk, this can increase your problems. Just getting up from your desk once an hour to get a coffee or pop to the bathroom is enough to keep your body moving during the working day. Take your lunch outside. Find a sheltered spot in the park. It only needs to be a ten-minute walk away from the office, and you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a brisk walk and some fresh air.


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If your job is close enough to home, walk or cycle. Forcing yourself to include a little exercise and activity in everything you do is the best way to keep your body moving. You don’t need to be a gym member, but having two or three classes booked in each week will also help. Your diet may need to be adjusted too. If you are prone to eating more than you think you should, don’t buy it in the first place, even if it is on offer. It is really easy to get distracted when we eat if we are sat at our desk or sat in front of TV. Only eat when you eat. Don’t multitask. That way you can keep a check on what you have eaten, and savor each bite. Most importantly, take only a portion and not the whole packet.

Of course, there can come a time when your health is threatened by your weight. You may need to consult one or two weight loss surgeons to discuss surgery and procedures that may assist you to reduce what you eat. If eating brings you comfort, dramatically reducing your intake is going to be incredibly hard. Your weight loss surgeon may propose some therapy to help you cope emotionally with what will be a very substantial change in your relationship with food.

The important thing to remember is never to give up. You may still be getting larger each year, but so long as you are trying then you are actively doing something about it. It’s not fun to feel unwell or dislike the body you are in, but it isn’t impossible to improve things with little steps. Don’t ever feel you have to lose a hundred pounds in a narrow time frame. Just look to living your life in a more active way that involves less food. Your weight loss should be a happy side effect of a healthier you.

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