Our Amazing Tips for Eliminating Tan Lines



As we say our fond farewells to another summer, it may seem a bit sudden to start talking about next year. Ladies, if there’s one thing we’re sure about, it’s that you can never think about summer too far in advance. Besides, you may be already looking to book somewhere nice and exotic for your holidays in 2019. Which brings us onto an issue that most of us will face anytime we go somewhere with exotically high temperatures. Tan lines.

Although some of you may not see tan lines as a particularly big issue, we reckon there are a good percentage more reading this blog that always find it a challenge. There are ways round tan lines though, some more pleasant (and less embarrassing) than others. So, before you go away, look at the following list and perhaps you might find a method for eliminating tana lines that works for you.

Sunbathe Topless or Nude

We had to start with the most obvious, but least likely option. As bathing suits, swimming costumes, bikinis and clothes in general are the main culprits responsible for ta lines, it makes sense that a solution would involve getting rid of them. However, there are problems with this solution right off the bat. For one thing, it’s not actually legal in widespread enough places that it’s a viable option unless you intend on braving an officially designated topless or nudist beach or resort.

Then there’s just the fact that you’d have to be extremely comfortable in your own skin to want to put your prized possessions on display just to get that killer smooth tan. We’re not that brave at Beauty Bloggers, but each to their own.

Top-up at Home or Spa

This is probably the solution that most decide on in the end, because you can spare your blushes somewhat. Spray tans are not for the shy, true, but it’s easier to shed your clothes and get that tan looking nice and consistent for one stranger than it is for 20 to 50. At-home kits are a good option, as no-one other than a trusted friend or your partner needs to see your birthday suit and you can apply your fake tan from the comfort of your own home. This does take some trial and erroring as you need to find a kit that works, but once you do, tan lines need never be a thing you worry about.

Tan-Through Swimwear, Anyone?

Of course, another option that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years is tan-through swimwear and clothing. Fairly self-explanatory, this is swimwear and clothing designed and produced by CoolTan using a special fabric known as MicrosolV that allows the same level of tanning to occur that a medium SPF sunscreen would. So not only do you get to maintain your modesty girls, you no longer do we need to deal with messy, greasy lotions. You can find out more about their products from the website – www.cooltan.com.

If you constantly feel at war with tan lines, then hopefully the above article has given you the arsenal necessary to win it for good.

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