Reasons Why You Should Give Up Smoking



You probably, hopefully know the main reasons why you should stop smoking.  The fear of cancer, heart disease and a greatly shortened life though, do not seem to be enough to push people to give up the habit.  Rather than preach to you what you may already know though, the team at Beauty Bloggers thought it might be a bit more interesting if we talk about some of the less obvious reasons why you should give up smoking and consider trying out e-cigarettes from somewhere like Mist E Liquid to help you kick the habit.

Brain Fog

According to lots of research conducted by the Archives of Internal Medicine, it is thought that smoking could fog your mind.  The study found that smoking during middle was linked to lessened reasoning abilities and memory issues.  Interestingly though, it also found that these risks were reduced in people who had quit a long time ago.

Could Cause Diabetes

Normally associated with diet more, there is strong evidence to suggest that smoking could be a serious risk factor for diabetes.  According to information collated from 25 different studies, smokers are at least 44% more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes than people who don’t smoke.  While that percentage covers the whole spectrum of smokers, the people with the biggest habits, of 20 or more cigarettes a day, were most at risk.

Makes It Easier For Infections To Take Hold

It is interesting to note that the Federal Advisory Committee on immunization Practices in US has made it a recommendation that all 19 to 64 year olds who smoke be placed on the list of candidates for vaccination for pneumococcal.  This is basically because there has been research that shows people who smoke are at greater risk of infections caused by pneumonia-causing bacteria than those who do not.  Although the exact reason why has not been established, it is thought it could be related to the fact that smoking damages the protective mucous membranes of the respiratory system, making it much easier for infectious organisms to take hold and cause the spread of diseases.

It Could Impede Your Sex Life

That’s right, smokers are more likely to experience conditions such as erectile dysfunction that could impede their sex life than non-smokers are.  It is thought that the risk increases as the number of cigarettes you smoke a day increases.  So, if you want a better chance of avoiding a life of relying on Viagra, you need to give serious consideration to cutting out smoking from your daily life.

It Could Cause Wrinkles Anywhere And Everywhere

As you may or may not know, smoking contributes to premature facial wrinkles.  However, a recent study conducted by the Archives Of Dermatology in 2007 discovered that smoking could also lead to wrinkling all over the body, particularly in more private areas such as the buttocks and under your arms.

We know it is not easy to give up smoking, and we are not suggesting it is; but, when you consider some of the things that smoking can cause, beyond lung cancer, heart disease and discoloured teeth, does it not give you some food for thought?

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