Self-Massage Techniques You Can Use During Lockdown

Having a professional massage may be something you are missing while we are stuck in isolation for the COVID-19 virus. Fortunately there are some simple techniques you can do at home if you find yourself in need of some self-care. Read on for some simple self-massage techniques you can do from the comfort of your home

Regular Massages

If you’re feeling the pain and strain of the lockdown, massage can reduce the stress, says Cheshire based massage therapist Didem Uruk. As a bit of extra self care, you can give yourself a mini massage every morning and evening. Use you fists to gently thump your body on the outside, starting from your arms and working your way down to your legs. While thumping yourself may seem like an add idea, the pummelling helps to strengthen your muscles and bones. It also helps to stimulate blood flow and relax your nerve endings.

Stomach Massages

Giving yourself a stomach massage isn’t only for when you’ve had a big meal. Place your hands on your abdomen and rub in clockwise circles after you’ve eaten. The clockwise motion is the same way that the food will move naturally through your digestive system. The circular motion of the massage may, according to one study, help to reduce bloating.

Exercise Massages

Are you still keeping up with your at-home workouts? If so, you may benefit from a sports massage before and after working out. Before any kind of cardio, stretching or strength training massage your body to help increase the blood flow. This will encourage the waste removal when you begin exercising and also helps speed up muscle recovery. Do the same after you exercise as well, rubbing along your muscles with your fist or the palm of your hand.

Tennis Ball Massages

A quick tennis ball massage may be all you need to see you through another day of isolation, according to Glasgow massage therapist Trevor Chisman. If you’re missing your reflexologist at this time and are suffering from some foot tension, grab a tennis ball and roll it back and forth under the arch of your foot. The ball will massage your toes, hell and forefoot, providing relief from any tension sitting there.

Hand Massage

Starting at your palms clasp your hands together, intertwining your fingers and rubbing the heels of your palms. You can then use your thumbs to massage the area just below your other thumb and move out into the centre of the palm. Repeat the process with your other hand. Once you’ve separated your fingers, gently pull each finger to release any tension lying there.

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