Simply Beautiful Ways to Refashion Your Tired Old Jumper

Simply Beautiful Ways to Refashion Your Tired Old JumperIf you’re looking at your old, tired jumper from years past and thinking it’s time to send it out the door, you might want to think again. There are many ways you can refashion an old jumper to create fashionable new accessories. Whether you make it into a tote bag, a cardigan, or a hat, consider the following ideas before you throw out your old jumper. Instead, see it as material for a brand new project.


By simply cutting down the front and making some minor adjustments, you can add a zipper or buttons to create a beautiful new cardigan out of your old jumper. Add some patches or ribbon for a decorative accent, or oversized buttons for a fashionable accent. Additionally, you can take the strap of an old watch and attach it to your new cardigan as a clever way to fasten it, saving two items from the rubbish bin.


Another great way to repurpose your old jumper is to use the fabric to create mittens. Depending on the size of your old jumper, you may be able to make several pair. If you have children, you can make a few pair from an old jumper to keep their little hands warm all during the colder months. Add some wooden buttons for a stylish addition and a natural accent.


Believe it or not, the material from your old jumper can actually be remade into a beautiful new hat. Whether you want a wintery beanie-like hat or a fedora, there are ways to use the material from that jumper you no longer love to create a hat you’ll love for years to come. Wool jumpers are the best for this project, but you can use just about any material to create a beautiful hat.

Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves are always popular, and in the colder months they serve a purpose, as well, keeping your hands warm and your fingers free. You can usually make several pair of fingerless gloves from one old jumper, and making some for your whole family is a great gift idea.


You can also repurpose the material from a tired old jumper to create a beautiful new tote bag. Using a Christmas jumper to create a beautiful bag for the holiday season is an excellent way to be fashionable and resourceful at the same time, and chances are you’ll have many people asking where you got your fashionable bag. Most craft supply stores have wooden handles you can purchase to create a beautiful and sturdy bag you can carry all season long, or give as a gift.

Boot Socks

Wearing boots with tights and a skirt or dress is a fashionable trend, but putting a pair of boot socks (much like leg warmers) over those boots can add a trendy vibe to your entire outfit. If you have an old sweater you no longer love, but you want a pair of boot socks for your outfit, you can simply cut up the sweater into sections, seam them up, and slip them over your boots.

Child’s Sweater Dress

If your old jumper is a bit oversized, or you have a small child, feel free to use that material to create a trendy, handmade sweater dress for your little girl. Of course, you don’t have to make it for your child; make a sweater dress as a Christmas gift for your friend’s daughter, your niece, or someone else close to you.


You can also cut up an oversized old jumper and create a fashionable new skirt. Pair it with tights and pumps in a neutral or contrasting colour, and you’ll be able to create a one of a kind, beautiful, fashion-forward look without having to purchase a new item of clothing.

As you can see, there are many ways to repurpose your old jumper and create a fantastic new clothing item or accessory. Making a handbag out of your old jumper is one of the easiest projects listed here, and you can always use another handbag. Since boot socks are back in style, as well, that’s another great option for those who want a very simple project with few steps. Regardless of what you do, don’t toss out that old jumper without looking into some repurposing options. You might be holding the material for your next favourite clothing item.

Megan Barnes is a style guru. She frequently blogs about inventive ways to bring fresh fashion to one’s wardrobe.

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