Taking a Vacation From Work Doesn’t Need to Mean Taking a Vacation From Your Fitness Routine



A vacation is the best way to take your mind away from any and all stresses in your work and personal life. However, for many people, it’s also the perfect opportunity to take a vacation from their fitness. If this sounds like you, this article has good news (or bad, depending on how you look at it) to help you stay fit on your vacation.

What’s Around?

If you have a strict regular weight based routine, your best bet is going to be looking for local gyms that offer single-day visit passes. While you might not have access to a personal trainer, you can easily take your routine with you and work out at your own pace. Consider this a nice balance between staying on your routine and giving your body a slight vacation away from its regular activity.

Any Room in Your Luggage?

If you have a bit of extra room in your luggage, fill it with fitness accessories. No, this doesn’t mean packing in a full set of weights or an exercise bike. But it is easier than you think; head to the Groupon Coupons page for Bowflex and pick up small items like handgrips, push up handles, or even just a skipping rope. All of these items can easily fit in your luggage and can be used inside your hotel room or even on a local beach.

Take Advantage of What’s Around

Speaking of the beach, don’t be afraid to use the natural resistance offered by a beautiful sandy beach to practice your cardio. Similarly, take in local sights with a run around an unfamiliar city block or through a nearby park.

Talk to the Locals

Fitness enthusiasts love company, and with the level of technology in the palm of everybody’s hand, connecting with like-minded people in your destination city is easy. Look up local running, weights training, or even power walking groups at your destination before you arrive and arrange to join along for a day or two. Walking groups will welcome newcomers visiting their city and often tour through the city streets at night, offering you an experience you would never have known while also keeping your fitness routine on track.

Just because you’re taking a vacation from your work doesn’t mean that you have to lose your fitness momentum or return to work looking worse than you left. Keep these tips in mind as you’re planning your next vacation and enjoy the best of both worlds.

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