The Importance of Live Chat in Customer Happiness

Customers want to deal with an approachable business. Lice chat has become the preferred mode of support channel as opposed to email, phone, or direct messaging in social media.

When the customer visits your website, live chat is the most convenient method of engagement. It provides prompt support to your customers and allows you to understand your customers’ needs better. This helps to boost customer satisfaction.

Additionally, live chat aids in enhancing agent productivity and give you crucial information on business decisions. Some of the benefits of live chat as a channel for customer support include the following:

1.    It Provides Prompt Feedback

It allows your agents to interact in real-time with your prospective consumers. Through the direct exchange, you will find out what the customer thinks about your product and what issues they may have with it. A good example of a company who do this is well is the guys over at Three live chat.

Other channels such as social media support or the email may not be as convenient because the customer may be offline. Hence, the chances of engaging in a direct exchange may be lowered. Also, more time and resources are needed to make calls or engage via alternative avenues.

2.    Boosts the Support Experience for Your Customers

When customers can engage with the company directly, they feel valued and respected. Their satisfaction with your product and services receives a major boost. Also, the customer gets their concerns addressed immediately as opposed to waiting for an email.

Live chat allows the customer to reach you with their immediate concerns and they receive feedback immediately. This is a lot better than waiting for your social media manager to get online to address their immediate concerns. Your ratings will go higher when your customers are happy with your service.

3.    Live Chat Allows You to Diagnose the Customer’s pain Points

Pain points fall into two categories:

  • The customer has an unresolved problem with your business
  • The client has a need that has yet to be addressed

Live chat in the UK makes it easier to diagnose issues such as these and your support team can address them immediately. You can put the customer at ease by providing help with the immediately available resources. Your customer will be appreciative and may even leave a positive review.

4.    Live Chat is Convenient for the Customer

Time, as they say, is money. Getting the customer’s issues addressed immediately is very convenient for your customers. They will not have to send an email and wait for days to get their issues addressed. Customers appreciate the convenience of being able to interact in real-time.

Also, your customer gives you feedback immediately. They can express satisfaction or the lack thereof with the solutions your team has provided. The customer also feels that they have contributed something to the business which is a boost for customer loyalty.


Ultimately, you want to retain your customers and possibly get referrals from them. The best way to achieve this is by providing top-notch customer support services. While other channels are also effective, the immediacy of live chat makes it the most favourable channel.

The customer can reach an agent immediately and get the information they need. In return, you will collect much-needed data that will help you improve your product as well as your services.



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