The New iWatch Hype: Modern Wristwear for 2015

2014 saw some huge classic comebacks in the watch and jewellery world and “vintage” was one of the leading themes (see the Rolex Pepsi Bezel or the Omega Speedmaster Mark II). But with all the hype of the new Apple iWatch, could uber-modern be the melody of the year ahead?

Some top trends to have been forecasted for women’s watches include gold and silver, the use of gemstones and diamonds as seen with Fendi watches, multi-coloured watches and coloured watch faces, bracelet style designs which can double up as jewellery pieces, rose gold such as Olivia Burton or Michael Kors, and all-white wrist watches such as the Emporio Armani Ladies ‘Leo’ Ceramic Watch (see it on the Market Cross Jewellers website). But amongst all these exciting trends, should we also make room for the ultra-modern, high-tech range of multi-functioning watches soon to be coming from technology companies such as Apple? 

Wearable Technology: A New Trend of Wristwear

Apple has now finalised all the details of the long-awaited Apple iWatch and a release date is now confirmed for April. Other than timekeeping, the watch is able to accommodate apps just like your iPad or iPhone and it even has Wi Fi connection, Bluetooth, Apple Pay and Siri support. But most importantly, it can be used to make calls and could potentially replace all other smart phones. With 18 hours of battery life, it could become your ultimate must-have accessory, one which provide function, not just fashion. But will the trend catch on?

According to Forbes Life, the 2015 predictions for the iconic Baselworld tradeshow still very much focus around tradition and old, time-honoured classics. In fact, there’s hyped up talk about the return to traditional watchmaking in this year’s show and you should expect to see some classic details such as the collection from Chopard. There are also some forecasts on the upcoming limited edition pieces from Fendi, which are ultra-lavish, diamond-clad pieces for women. But as all these trends emerge, it’s becoming impossible to ignore the looming technological direction of some watchmakers.

Making Way for Smart Watches at Baselworld

Although the key trends still very much focus on tradition this year, the same forecast from Forbes gave a little mention to smart watches being exhibited at the show. Although the Apple iWatch is at current the most talked about, there are plenty of other brands aiming to create a stir too with their wearable pieces of technology. Tissot is one of those brands and in 2015, watch enthusiasts should look out for the T-Touch Expert Solar Extension watch which provides an all singing all dancing range of functions.

So it seems that the new iWatch could be the start of a brand new futuristic trend. It will be interesting to see what develops after Baselworld 2015. To keep up with the latest women’s watch and jewellery trends, visit WGSN.

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