The Power of the Wig



Does the celebrity make the wig, or does the wig make the celebrity? In an attempt to halt the inevitable ageing process, stars have looked to wigs to help maintain their luminary auras. For those without hair loss problems wigs can play a vital role in creating a persona that appeals to the masses. Here is a look at some of the most influential wigs amongst celebrities.

Andre Agassi

Before 1990 Agassi had never made it to a Grand Slam Final. But with the help of a blonde mullet, in 1990 Agassi made it all the way to the final of the French Open. With that iconic flowing mane Agassi went on to win his first two Grand Slams before deciding to part with his colossal wig after overtures from his then wife, Brooke Shields. It was only years later that Agassi revealed the truth – for decades we thought those beautiful blonde locks were his own.


Videos detailing how to style your wig like Beyonce’s abound on YouTube. Videos can be found in the dozens due to the many hairstyles displayed by Beyonce in her music videos, public appearances, and concerts. Her affinity for lace front wigs allow her to create specific hairstyles that reflect the image she’s trying to portray. Queen B’s ability to appeal to millions of followers can no doubt be partially credited to the myriad of Noriko, Amore, Ellen Wille and other types of wigs in her wardrobe.

Lady Gaga

The most outlandish wigs in the celebrity world belong to Miss Poker Face herself, Lady Gaga. Gaga has been accused of being unnecessarily ostentatious and more of a Hollywood experiment than a musician with genuine ability. Regardless of her intent, she is renowned for being a truly theatrical and impassioned performer. Her larger-than-life image has in part endeared her to the LGBT community by giving her fans the confidence to unabashedly express themselves.

George Costanza

George Costanza of Seinfeld is plagued with unfortunate events, sometimes even tragedy: the accidental death of his fiancé, the burning down of her father’s cherished cabin, the innumerable firings, etc. But for once George’s fortunes change when he comes in contact with a toupee. While Jerry and Elaine weren’t advocates of George’s new look, Kramer goes so far as to set George up on a date instead of Jerry, exclaiming to him that, “He’s got you beat.” George’s newfound self-confidence is short-lived, though, due to Elaine tossing his toupee out of Jerry’s apartment window. However, the mirth elicited by George’s new hair had given him unprecedented confidence, not seen before or after his toupee adventure.

These celebrities and fictional characters have harnessed the swaying power of wigs and toupees. Their use of hairpieces has helped cultivate personalities that legions of others now look to as idols.

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