The Reasons Why a Diamond Ring Is Such a Good Engagement Present


Have you ever wondered why diamond rings are seen as being such a great engagement present? After all, this is what so many people choose to give to their partners at this point in their relationship.

This has been a classic way of celebrating getting engaged for a long time now. In fact, if we go all the way back to the 15th century, one of the first examples of a diamond engagement ring came when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave one to Mary of Burgundy. Times have changed in many things since then but there are some excellent reasons why a piece of jewellery like this is still regarded as being a fantastic engagement present.

It Looks Great

There are few items of jewellery that are as stylish looking as a good quality diamond ring. This type of engagement gift only became popular in the 1930s, but within a few decades one was being worn by 80% of brides in the US. The lovely look of a classy diamond ring is something that few women can resist. Of course, this means that newly engaged men looking to keep their future brides happy tend to immediately think of diamond rings when looking for the ideal engagement gift. There are also enough different styles and designs around to make it easy to find one to match just about anyone´s style. Once you slip one on your finger it is the sort of accessory that goes with any outfit and any occasion, making it easy to feel good about wearing this kind of ring all the time.

They Are Long Lasting

One thing no one wants to do when they get engaged is give their new partner a piece of jewellery that is only going to last a few years. As well as choosing something that looks good, they also want a long lasting symbol of their enduring love.  In this case, there are few better choices than a solid, good quality ring such as those from AGY diamonds. Diamonds are famous for being among the hardest substances known to man and for being virtually indestructible. Someone who gives their partner a diamond engagement ring should be able to imagine them still happily wearing it decades from now.

They Aren’t As Expensive as you Might Think

It is easy to think that classy diamond rings are among the most expensive gifts you could possibly buy for someone. After all, there have been some incredibly expensive diamonds in the news over the years, such as the multi-million pound ones Kate Middleton and Catherine Zeta Jones wear. However, it is also possible to find engagement rings that look fantastic without costing too much. The gift of a wonderful diamond ring can be a thoughtful and exciting way to enter an engagement without spending too much on the gift. This makes it a fantastic method of entering a new stage in a relationship with a classic gift that doesn’t break the bank but does show commitment and a dash of style.

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