This Year’s Must-Have Accessory – 100% Silk Scarves

What are well-dressed women wearing this year? That’s always the big question that fashion lovers ask! Well, we think we have the answer, and it’s a timeless and very versatile item that can accessorise any outfit. We’re talking about silk scarves, beautifully made and carefully crafted, but in unique designs and from a brand that we instantly love!

The brand is Sunshine Frankie, and you really need to check out their range of very attractive, fun and innovative silk scarves in designs that you will not see elsewhere. What’s more, this is a brand offering excellent quality at sensible prices, and it’s not to be missed! What makes Sunshine Frankie so different to the rest? Let’s have a closer look.

100% Silk

Every now and then a brand comes along that specialises in a particular garment or accessory. Sunshine Frankie is one such brand, and we reckon these 100% Silk Scarves to be among the best we have seen for a long time.

By focusing on one particular type of item – although you can also buy matching scrunchies for added fun – they manage to bring to the market some truly innovative designs. With bright colours and patterns there is no traditional element here – it’s all a great deal of fun at superb prices.

Take the ‘Pineapple Crazy’ design featuring – you guessed – colourful pineapples; this is a perfect silk scarf for summer that will match with either formal or casual outfits, and will always be a talking point. We particularly like ‘Eye See You’, which features brilliantly designed eyes on a glorious pink background, and is a truly unique pattern.

Every single design at Sunshine Frankie is absolutely unique to the brand, and we don’t think you’ll find such a fun and frivolous, yet high quality and superbly priced range of 100% silk scarves anywhere else.

Fashion As Fun!

The Sunshine Frankie brand is all about fun and sunshine. It’s about bright, enjoyable days and superbly colourful silk scarves. The website even offers a page of styling tips – and you’ll be amazed what you can do with this simplest of garments! A love of summer, sun and the seaside shines through the range, and it adds a brightness that many brands don’t have.

Perfect for that touch of colour for a wedding outfit, or to add some glitz to your working attire, or even for simply wearing when you’re out for a drink with friends, Sunshine Frankie silk scarves remain exclusive and stylish, and we can see them being a big hit in the summer months.

If you value originality and creative design this is a brand you need to check out, and with a safe and secure online payment portal, plus many different payment options, you can shop in comfort from your own home, and get the very latest in 2019 summer fashion.

Check out Sunshine Frankie now and become the trend-setter in your circle of friends, and add a touch of fun and colour to your wardrobe.

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