Tips For Saving Money On Fragrances


As you are probably already aware, fragrances, particularly the designer fashion label kind, can be very expensive indeed.  The frustrating thing is that we all want to smell great, don’t we?  Which may be leading you to wonder how you go about getting what you want at a price you need.  Fortunately, there are various ways you can cut the price of fragrances and perfumes, if you shop with eagle eyes.  To help you hone those bargain searching skills though, we have put together a list of some tips for you.

Shop Online

Although it is nice to take a trip to the local department store, if you are trying to save money on buying your favourite fragrance or that one you fancy trying out, the chances of finding a bargain at the department store is very inconsistent.  Therefore, you should save a lot of time and wasted effort and shop online.  You will even find some online retailers that solely specialise in selling high quality designer brands for less.

Wholesale Fragrance Shopping

Although you have probably associated the idea of a wholesaler with wholesale clothing and not wholesale fragrances, you will find that there are still some good stores of this kind, particularly online.  The misconception about wholesalers is that you have to be a retailer or own a business to buy from wholesaler.  While the fact that this is true for some shops, it is not the same for all.  If you would like to know more, you should check out

Coupons And Sales

Coupons and sales is one of the best ways to purchase things without it costing an arm and leg to do so.  It is no different when it comes to perfume shopping.  If you are interested in saving money this way, you have to have a lot of patience and a keen eye for coupons in newspapers, magazine and other areas as well as regularly checking your favourite sites and bricks and mortar stores to see if they are running any sales.

Clearance Aisles

After the rush of the Christmas period, there is one great way you could find some steep reductions on fragrances and perfumes for him and for her.  In the Christmas clearance aisles you will find many of the seasonal and gift items that didn’t sell out entirely.  As it is no longer Christmas now, the stores are looking to get rid of the stock so they can make room for the new stock ahead of spring shopping.

Purchase Larger Bottles

If you are not new to fragrances and have a specific scent that suits you and you feel comfortable wearing, one way to save money in the long run would be by purchasing larger bottles of that fragrance.  Although this will mean you are paying a considerable greater amount of money immediately, you will notice the savings in time when you don’t have to refill or purchase new bottles every few months.

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