Tone Up

Exercising can feel like a strain, even more so when you’re strapped for time, in between work, leisure activities, time with your friends, family, and the kids. Although, let’s face it, after a long day it can be difficult to find the motivation, unless you exercise in the morning when metabolism is at its highest. Luckily for you, Gala Bingo is on hand to help you fit in so much needed exercise. Gala have complied a graphic that shows you some of the best ways to banish bingo wings for good, and all while you sit behind your desk at work or home, these routines are simple and easy to do regardless of your fitness level.

As with all exercises, your mantra should be warm up, main exercise then cool down, if it’s not then it needs to be from now on. First up, to get your body moving, you can do some Seated leg raisers. Although this movement might come across quite underwhelming, it packs quite the punch in the leg department. All you need to do is sit straight up in your chair, stretch out one or both of your legs, then lower them without touching the floor, then you repeat for 15 reps. If you crave a little bit more of a challenge, you can add some weight to the movement by attaching your bag to your ankle for some intense weight training. Either way, it’s a winning, easy to do exercise.

Another good movement to try and incorporate into your routine is the ‘fab ab squeeze’. This one is definitely a favourite for those looking to wind down after a quick workout, and better still, it is super easy to do, you don’t even have to move from your desk. Just sit up straight and tighten your core muscles (that’s your abs) and stay like this for several seconds, say 10 at most, then release and repeat again. It might not feel or seem like much, but this will train your abs nicely, and is perfect even if you only have minutes to spare.

The are many genuine excuses and reasons why we can’t exercise, and these desk friendly ones brought to you by Gala Bingo are the perfect way to tackle these excuses head on. To maintain a healthy body, moderate exercise is needed, and that can come in many forms – from going for a walk after dinner to cleaning the house, it all helps to keep those pounds at bay.


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