The top summer hair styles to keep you ‘on trend’ this summer

The top summer hair styles to keep you ‘on trend’ this summerIt is never too late to have a hair ’make over’, trying sassy new styles and hot new colours, but what are the styles that women are flocking to ask, beg and plead their stylists to do?
It seems the answer is simple – the shorter the better and we can accommodate all requests for restyles that will catapult you to a Hollywood cut! I am sure that here at Nu-Yu and other hairdressers in Lichfield will get plenty of requests for these hair styles this year.

The triple delights from which to choose

Ok, going short does not mean shaving your whole head off, you’ll be pleased to know and summer 2014 has three cuts in store for the on-trend woman to choose from: the pixie, the lob and the classic bob.

What you want from your summer 2014 cut: a fresh start! Stylists are saying that women are fed up with trying to control wild long hair in the balmy heat of the summer sun, as well as spending hundreds on products that stop hair from frying.

Fashion also has a big influence on hair trends and the sudden emergence of interest in 90s fashion has meant that, more than ever the long, flowing locks are facing a trim. In fact, one prominent New York stylist suggest that at least half of her female clients are sporting short hair, including bobs!

How to know which one to ask for…

The bob, of course is the one that is instantly recognisable. First coming to prominence in the heady, delicious era of the 1920s, the bob us a jaw-length cut that has the ability to instantly highlight facial features. You can opt for a bouncy, wavy style on one day, slick back for understated sullenness the next; the bob is truly versatile and far from boring.

The lob is a slightly longer version of the bob and is popular with women as it simply suits the vast majority of face ‘shapes’; making an appearance on many a Hollywood start in 2013, it a shoulder sweeping cut, long enough to fit a pony tail (low pony tails are on trend for 2014 too!) but also short enough to look uber chic – without spending hours blow drying or your hard earned cash on too many hair products. The look oozes simplicity, but also effortless elegance.

The pixie is a super-short, daring cut but once again, hair stylists to the stars are telling us that if you want to liberate yourself, and ‘make a change’ now is the time to do it and the pixie cut is the way to do it. A new look can be stylish, chic and elegant… and as stylists point out, hair is constantly growing so you could be sporting a whole new look by the winter months.

Still not sure which one is which – take a peek

Deciding on which style is no difficult – here are a few pointers:

The bob is the one that out of all three cuts requires the most maintenance in terms of styling time; it is a full on commitment and not one to be taken on half-heartedly. Think about this cut carefully before you opt for it, but if you the time, patience and the skill, go for it!

The pixie is a great sassy cut but out of all three, this is the one you need to make sure you have the ‘right’ face shape for. An excellent hair stylists will take note of your face shape, and cut the pixie accordingly, ensuring that the best is made of your features too. Heart shaped face? You’re in luck! – you can pull off a really short pixie look, but oval shaped faces, along with square ones can also look great with this cut. Narrow the forehead with a light dusty of a fringe and make sure you work eyes are made up as this is where the attention will fall on your face.

The lob, out of all three, is the one that is the most moderate; if you are not feeling brave enough for a pixie cut and don’t have the time for a bob, then this longer cut is the one for you. It also has the greatest versatility – pony tails work great (keep them low), part it on the side or down the middle; keep it straight or put a wave in it but don’t opt for curls. Ad ask the stylists to keep the cut light, especially on the ends – wispy and light is the name of the game.

Something for everyone!

There is really is a perfect cut for everyone in these three cuts but flick through this delightful montage for this summer’s top hairstyles and be inspired to set yourself free!

Which cut would you choose?

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