Transform your home with a few floral additions


Flowers have always been a popular choice for those looking to add style, warmth and character to their home, with floral prints used in everything from wallpaper to carpets for decades.

In these cold, dark winter months, having a bright, cosy and welcoming home is even more important and with their bold colours, instant style and timeless appeal, flowers are just the way to do it.


Nothing beats a stunning display for fresh cut flowers from when it comes to adding an instant designer touch to your interior décor.

Their stunning contemporary displays come in a range of styles and sizes, making it easy for you to find the perfect bunch for your interior.

The great thing about using fresh flowers to enhance your décor is that you can change them every few weeks, allowing you to update your home’s look and keep your design ideas right on trend.


A great way to add a permanent but subtle floral aspect to your interior design is to have large scatter cushions printed with flower-based designs. These will transform your living room and add a bold dash of colour to your interior.

For best results, choose a print that contains colours already present in your wall paper, curtains or soft furnishings. This will help you to tie your entire look together and will ensure your cushions enhance the space as much as possible.


To add year round colour and character to your home, why not invest in a few flowering plants for key areas of your interior?

Plants that flower for long periods of time like orchids are ideal. To ensure you always have a flowering centrepiece, you can pick up a few different plants at different stages of their flowering cycle. That way you can swap a plant that’s past its best for one just coming into bloom.

Using plants in your interior design is a classic and stylish way of introducing colour, warmth and personality to the space. By using flowers and floral designs in the right way, you can ensure that your home looks fantastic all year round.


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