Underwear Guaranteed to Suit All Body Types


When it comes to buying underwear, some women worry that they’re choosing underwear unsuitable for their body type. It isn’t as simple as going out and buying underwear you like the look of – it might not suit your body type, and then you’ll feel insecure. Don’t worry – we’ve put together a list of underwear to suit all body types, so you don’t have to stress over underwear shopping any longer!

Basic Bikini Briefs

Bikini briefs are great because they give women a basic underpant to wear, with a good amount of coverage in a cut that suits everyone. Try to find a pair made of nylon/spandex, as cotton bikini briefs can tend to go a little saggy- not a good look for your behind! These are perfect for any occasion – work, the gym, dinner with your boyfriend, you name it!

High Waisted Briefs

Not only will high waisted briefs give you an amazing silhouette to be proud of, you’ll achieve the sexy retro look. They don’t feel ‘heavy’ like some shapers do, as many of these sit at your natural waistline, giving you an enviable stomach and maximum comfort. Got a dress that pulls you in at the waist? These are the perfect choice to accompany it!

Hipster Briefs

Hipster briefs are perfect for giving your bum full coverage, while being flattering and sitting comfortably at your belly button. Not only will the shape flatter you and keep your comfortable, by choosing a seamless material you’ll avoid all possibilities of a VPL.

Wide Waistband Thongs

String thongs don’t provide much coverage and can be a little uncomfortable – 9 times out of 10 you’ll be pulling a wedgie out in the supermarket queue/at your desk/out on a date. To combat this, wide waistband thongs are the solution. You’ll still get the barely there feel just with a little more coverage – no VPL either! Check out Le Beau for their gorgeous collection.

Boy Short Thongs

If you don’t fancy a slightly constrictive high waist style, a low-rise boy short thong can work very well. If you’re wearing a skirt or a dress this is the perfect choice, and you’ll be able to breathe too.

Tummy Shapers

If you want to transform your midsection from flab to fab, a tummy shaper is what you need. Your belly will be flattened, your waist whittled, and a tight look with no muffin top in your favourite outfit. With certain styles, you’ll also be able to give yourself a bit of a booty.

Invisible Boy Shorts

These are so comfortable – the equivalent of boxer shorts for men. By buying an invisible pair you can wear them underneath absolutely anything for maximum comfort.

Thigh Huggers

If you want to slim down your legs, thigh huggers are the undergarment you need in your draw. Whether you’re walking, sitting, or bending your thighs will look tight and shapely with a pair of thigh huggers.Your waist and stomach will be shaped too, and your booty will get a lift!

The wrong undergarment can ruin your look, but now you can go underwear shopping with total confidence!

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