Vaseline For Hair – the Pros and Cons

Keeping your hair fresh and healthy is undoubtedly one of the main parts of your beauty routine. Hair takes a good deal of maintenance and as it comes in a variety of different types, can be difficult to keep control of. You likely have a range of hair products that you use regularly on your hair, and they will do the job they are designed for, but there is a household substance you may not have thought of that can also be great for hair.

So, what is this mystery substance? Well, it’s no mystery: it’s Vaseline! Ok, don’t run away just yet, as you may be surprised at the benefits of Vaseline for hair conditioning and styling. What is Vaseline? It’s actually an extract of petroleum – don’t let that scare you – which is also known as petroleum jelly, and in fact it has been used for many purposes for a long, long time. How to use it on your hair, and why, is the next part of this article.

What Vaseline Does for Hair

The beauty of Vaseline is that it is cheap and readily available, and that it can also be used not only to add lift and life to your hair – as well as a wonderful glossy sheen – but it can also, thanks to the mineral extracts that are part of its ingredients, aid growth. Now, some people run a mile at the idea of using Vaseline as a styling product, but there’s no reason why you should. It’s actually very effective – but you do need to take care when using it on your hair.

The problem is that with too much Vaseline, not only can it begin to make the hair greasy – a problem for both men and women who use it as a styling aid – but it may also become very hard to get out. Brushing or running it will make it worse, so should be avoided, and a careful rinse with warm water is the best way to get it out. It sounds like we’re putting you off here – far from it, as there are further excellent benefits to using Vaseline on your hair.

Prevent Split Ends

One of the biggest problems in keeping hair healthy is that of split ends. These come about for many reasons; it could be you wash too often, or the products you use don’t agree with your hair, or it could be that you simply have damaged hair for other reasons. A very small amount of Vaseline, used in the correct manner, can prevent split ends, and leave you with healthy and beautiful hair that you will be proud to show off.

There’s no reason to fear using Vaseline on the hair, it’s just a case of not using too much and being careful when you apply it. Take the time to watch videos about using Vaseline, and you will soon get used to the idea, so why not give it a go?



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