What You Need to Know about Silicone Molds

There’s a lot to be said for technology, even in the simplest of items. Take cake-making: gone are the days when you would make a cake in a simple round tin! Nowadays we have access to many different shapes, thanks in no small part to the wonders of silicone!

What’s it all about, and why is silicone so important? Well, for a start, it can be used to make molds for just about anything from cakes, to fondants and sweets, and even soap – that’s a great way of getting the kids to actually want to go in the bath!

Indeed, use a silicone fondant mold to create your own pretty fondants – and believe us when we tell you that these molds are food-safe, reusable and surprisingly affordable – and you have a choice of so many brilliant designs that you can shape them exactly as you want, every time. What else can they be used for? Let’s have a look!

Chocolate Molds and More

Chocolate – we all love chocolate! So, how about getting your own, personalised, custom-made chocolate molds made, and when you create your own chocolates, they will  be unique to you! It’s not expensive at all – you can even buy in bulk at wholesale prices if you make chocolates or fondants frequently for fun or for business – and they are very simple to use.

In fact, the convenience of using silicone molds is something that cannot be overlooked here; they represent the best way to shape any food substance, and you simply peel away the silicone mold for the desired result.

If you’re looking for some fun to have with the kids then silicone cake molds are a great way of getting them into baking, and they can choose their own shapes too. Or, why not have them get all those ends of soap bars together, get them soft and make shaped soap in silicone soap molds? The possibility for fun is endless!

Individual or Multi-Cavity

You can also choose from individual silicone fondant molds – these are great for larger fondants and chocolates, perhaps as part of a place setting at parties or events – or multi-cavity molds that give you several items in one go. Each is equally easy to use, as silicone is the material of choice, especially when it comes to food use.

If you’re hosting a birthday party you can even get silicone molds in the shape of numbers, so everyone can celebrate the birthday in a fun fashion! With a choice of standard shapes from stars through to butterflies, and novelty designs such as laughing Buddha’s, flowers, dogs and more, there really is something for everyone and every occasion, and these molds are not at all expensive, especially when you buy a few at a time.

So, check them out now for the best way to get some real diversity into your chocolate, fondant or cake making, and see just how silicone molds can help you get more out of your baking.

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