Which Italian brands produce their bags and accessories in Italy?

In recent times, more and more well-known Italian brands started deceiving their consumers by misrepresenting the garments manufactured against their orders in China, India, Bangladesh, or Tunisia as Made in Italy products.
Italy is the birthplace of elegant shoes and bags with a thousand-year long history and traditions of processing genuine leather and making accessories. The manufacturing skills are passed on by master-craftsmen from generation to generation. The main historical regions of Italy known for their top-class accessories are Tuscany, Marche and Abruzzo. In these regions, the leading leather goods brands were born.
Nowadays, due to globalization of extremely competitive capitalist relations and banking system, such European countries as Italy, Germany or France can no longer compete with the countries that set lower tax rates, have no overvalued national currency exchange rate or huge debts to private banks . Therefore, many Italian manufacturers and popular brands owners more and more often look for suppliers in Asian and African countries, whose production costs in dollars or euros are relatively low.
But still, which Italian brands remain true to their traditions and True Made in Italy?
Having inspected some of Italian brands’ factories and warehouses, I have picked out several of them that 100% manufacture their products in Italy, with Italian craftsmen’s hands.

Gilda Tonelli is a factory founded in 1979 in Abruzzo region that specializes in manufacturing women’s genuine leather bags. Since the brand has quite a substantial production volume, some bags are sewn not only at the company’s premises, but at small family workshops all around Teramo province as well. The brand has also become well-known due to the fact that the brand’s factory produced the world largest bag in 2002, which was included in the Guinness Book of Records.

Arcadia is a company manufacturing women’s genuine leather bags and purses, which is located next to Gilda Tonelli. The Arcadia brand was founded in 1975 and is famous for its high-quality handmade bags.
Anna Virgilli is an Italian shoes and bags brand that was founded in San Benedetto del Tronto town (Marche region) by a charismatic entrepreneur and former radio host Ermanno Gaetani. The Anna Virgili brand is famous all over Italy. Such famous TV presenters as Lisa Marzoli prefer the brand’s products.

CUOIERIA FIORENTINA is a Tuscan brand of high-quality men’s and women’s bags made in accordance with ancient Florentine technologies.

The Bridge is a world famous Tuscan brand. Well-known politicians and lawyers choose its products in classic vintage style, since they emphasize prominence and status of their owners. The Bridge bags are made of genuine vegetable tanned leather with application of the ancient Tuscan technology.

GHIBLI is another Tuscan brand that offers handmade men’s and women’s bags and specializes in making accessories of python leather. At the company’s factory includes the python leather coloring division. Master craftsmen paint each leather piece by hand, which makes every Ghibli bag unique and exclusive in color.
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Marina Milani is an Italian designer from Bologna city, who is fond of animals and nature and protects them. All her bags are handmade of alternative eco-friendly recyclable and therefore non-polluting materials, whose production requires no animal deaths and tortures.

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