Why Avocado Should Be Part of Your Beauty Routine!

There are many fruits and vegetables that lay claim to being useful in terms of skincare and anti-ageing, but do any of them actually do what they claim? Some actually do, and when it comes to dealing with wrinkles and keeping the skin looking young and fresh, avocado is surprisingly useful.

It’s well known that avocados are extremely nutritious and also rich in vitamins, but how do they help with wrinkles? All anti-aging products will include two vitamins that are essential to skin care: vitamin A and vitamin E. Both of these are present in avocado, so what do they do?

Vitamin A is the vitamin that helps produce sebum, which in turn keeps the skin moisturised. Vitamin E is essential to collagen production and also helps heal damaged skin, so you can see why people eat avocado as part of their skin care regime. But there are even more benefits to your health that come from eating avocado.

Further Benefits of Avocado

So, eating an avocado a day will help with your anti-aging routine. This is not a wild claim, and is backed up by experts in the field such as James Christian Cosmetics who recommend the likes of avocado to clients who take advantage of their skin care services.

What’s in an avocado that makes them so healthy? Let’s have a look:

Potassium – you’ll often be recommended bananas for potassium intake, as it reduces the blood pressure. In fact, avocado has a greater potassium content.

Fibre Content – avocado has high fibre content, giving your gut that ‘good bacteria’ you need to stay healthy and function properly.

Fatty Acids – the fatty acids in avocado mean you are helping your heart stay healthy.

Antioxidants – great for eye problems and a number of other areas of general health.

These are just a few of the reasons why avocado really should be part of your regular diet if you wish to keep your skin free of wrinkles and young-looking, and there are many more health benefits also.

Now, many people may recommend you use an avocado face mask, rather than actually eating the fruit. Is this beneficial?

That depends entirely on the individual. Some people cut up the avocado and mash it, apply it to the skin and leave it there for 25 minutes, and report that it helps keep the skin moisturised. However, other simply eat them, and they are rather delicious!

How To Eat Avocado

The great thing about avocado is that it is very versatile. You can eat it raw in a salad – or as part of a fruit bowl – and it is very tasty with a touch of salt or lemon juice. Or, you can grill your avocado and still get all the benefits it brings to your skin. It is not an expensive fruit, and is readily available at your grocery store, so why not make avocado part of your daily intake, and see if you get the benefits that others have enjoyed?

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