Why You Need to Know About CBD Skin Care Products

CBD has been in the news over the last couple or years. What is it, and why is it getting such attention? CBD is short for cannabidiol. This is one of many compounds that can be extracted from the cannabis plant, and it’s because of this that the controversy – and confusion – comes about.

As it is, there is more than one strain of cannabis: there’s that known as marijuana, which is illegally (in the UK) smoked as ‘weed’, and there’s another strain known as ‘industrial hemp’. The difference? Industrial hemp does not contain a compound known as ‘THC’, which is the stuff in marijuana that makes you ‘high’.

Now, CBD has been touted as something of a breakthrough in many areas of medicine. However, as research is ongoing and it has yet to be officially ratified by the relevant authorities, it cannot be sold as a medicine. It is legal to sell CBD products, but as a health supplement only.

And, to be fair, that is primarily what CBD is all about! It is used by people with ailments that come with chronic pain to alleviate this – and success is widely reported – and is also used by people suffering from depression and anxiety, but perhaps the most interesting use is that of CBD for skin care. Let’s look more closely at this function.

How Does CBD Help the Skin?

CBD has been found to have many properties that are helpful to the skin, but it is essential to understand that at the moment, no suppliers are permitted to make claims that it is beneficial to a person’s health in any way. However, this does not mean it is not. Many thousands of people in the UK use CBD to help with psoriasis, with eczema and with acne, and others for help with dermatitis. Of these, the number of reports of success and benefits of using CBD cream or lotion cannot be ignored.

In the USA – where it is used far more widely and for the same reasons (and also, we might add, still without the ratification of the medical authorities) many more thousands of people report benefits of CBD for skin conditions, and also for other ailments as mentioned above. One thing that is important to note is that CBD products are natural; there are no chemical added, no allergens involved, and what you are buying is an entirely organic product.

Should I Try CBD Products

If you suffer from any of the skin problems mentioned above you have nothing to lose in trying CBD products. As mentioned above, these are completely organic CBD creams that contain no additives and only natural compounds of the hemp plant. There’s no chance of your getting high either, as they are free from THC!

Why not have a look more closely at the available CBD skin care and other products, and you may find this to be the solution that you have been looking for.

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