Why You Need Your Beauty Sleep


Beauty sleep may sound like an old wives tale, but it’s not. People really do need their beauty sleep to stay alert, feel revived and keep their skin looking youthful. Women often talk about getting their beauty sleep, but men need it too. There are many reasons why getting a good night’s sleep is important for overall health and vitality.

Benefits of Beauty Sleep

The benefits of getting adequate rest are numerous and many people ignore their body’s own signals. Dark circles begin forming under eyes and sometimes, more wrinkles begin to surface. The skin is the largest organ on the body and it works to regenerate skin cells during rest. Getting adequate sleep at night really can help skin regenerate and reduce those nagging circles below the eyes. Not having as many wrinkles is certainly a noticeable benefit of beauty sleep.

Lack of rest can cause more than just visible issues with skin. It can increase the probability of serious health issues. Major health concerns like weight gain, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease have been found to be higher in those that don’t get adequate sleep. Getting beauty sleep can lower your risk of these diseases significantly.

Overall mood is found to be better when one is well-rested. Most people can attest to the fact that a night of good rest is rejuvenating. People find that they are able to concentrate better and have increased energy following a night of adequate sleep. Having more energy and better concentration can make one more productive at work or during classes.

How to Get More Beauty Sleep

Some people find that getting enough beauty sleep is difficult. Late work hours or an inability to fall asleep at a proper time are the common complaints. People that are having trouble sleeping often can’t help that they are having issues. However, there are some steps that one can take to make their nights more restful.

If someone has an issue with winding down after a long night of work, the best thing to do is turn off all stimulating devices. Many people want to watch television or log onto their computers. However, this can make it more difficult to fall asleep. These activities stimulate the brain and make it harder to rest. Toning down on these things will make it easier for the brain to slow down and give way to a good night of sleep.

Others are simply restless in the late hours and may have insomnia or health issues that make it harder to sleep. This requires some trial and error. Some people do well with reading a book to help them drift off to rest, while others need complete and utter silence. It would be best to try a couple of these things out on different occasions to see how well they work individually.

For some, there could be a lack of melatonin. Melatonin is the body’s hormone for sleep regulation. Getting more melatonin can be done naturally by stimulating the body to fall asleep at a regular time with starting a nightly ritual. For example, taking a shower at a certain time every night before lying down can cue the body into preparing for sleep and releasing this natural hormone.

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