Will the pyjama trendy carry on in 2021?

Before 2020, transitional activewear was the go-to fashion trend that could be worn from the gym to the office. Many people are counting on their pyjamas to take them from their sheets to the zoom screen for office time in the pandemic.

As more companies embrace working from home post covid, pyjamas have become more than just sleep time wear of staying-in wear. They are now everyone’s all-day attires for long work meetings over the computer screen for social distancing men and women. This is for good reasons. PJs are comfortable, trendy, and descent, and people have very little reason to wear ‘real clothes’ these days.

Today, the question on most fashion-conscious people’s minds is whether this pyjama trend will carry on in 2021. No doubt, 2020 changed the way people dressed.

Will the trend continue? 

Today, people are looking for ways to enjoy comfort while remaining fashionable. By November 2020, pyjamas sales have gone up by 5% after the world came to a halt in March of 2020, and this margin is expected to grow as people continue to work from home. People are investing in extensive PJ wardrobes and even matching their choice of pyjama with different isolation activities.

People are still experimenting with incorporating these pieces into their everyday look, which was not what they envisioned a year ago. It has become quite common to see people on the streets in their PJ suits, and it is easy to assume that post-pandemic styles for most people might change.

While it may seem counterintuitive, choosing a sharp pair of pyjamas over sweats, tees and hoodies may be the better fashion choice. Pyjamas are crispy and happy, while the sweats ensemble can sometimes seem a little unkempt and slack.

Pyjamas have become a fashion statement that combines chic with comfort in terms of practicality and performance. As more fashion houses drop new lines of pyjamas, this new fashion trend is far from over. This is why it only makes sense that you update your collection with something for every staying-in occasion.

Playsuit pyjamas is a clothing line for trendy, casual, sexy, and practical pyjamas that ensure you look as great in the daytime as you would when going to bed. This line takes the boring from pyjamas to present pieces that are sure to boost your self-confidence if you are looking for something more playful to replace your everyday PJs.

You can choose from the silk playsuit collection, the romper collection, or the classic playsuit collection. What sets playsuit pyjamas apart is the practicality 2021 calls for when it comes to stay-at-home clothes.

The transitional nature of sleepwear in today’s world continues to become more evident each day. Pyjamas are no longer designed for bedtime as wearers continue to stretch the time they spend in their PJs.

As the pandemic surges on, there is no end in sight for working from home. It is safe to say that the idea of wearing pyjamas all day will continue as a popular trend for the better part of 2021.





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