3 Up and Coming Social Media Platforms

Remember when MySpace first arrived? It changed the way we viewed our computers and, with the advent of more powerful hand-held devices, was the forerunner of the many social media platforms that we know and use today.

The past decade has seen Facebook become the predominant name in the business, Twitter stake its claim as a force to reckon with, and Instagram establish itself as the rising star among a number of others.

For marketeers and anyone involved in social media marketing, here are three you should be looking at


This Chinese-origin platform is inspired by – and aims to topple – the very popular Snapchat, and with some impressive features and notable ease of use, do not be surprised if it expands at a very rapid rate.

What’s it all about? Musical.ly is based around the notion of presenting short video clips; these can be of a variety of sources and – vital for marketing purposes – can be original, too. The clips range from between 15 seconds and a minute. You can choose a soundtrack, add a wide selection of filters, and even create shorter clips.

The platform has received praise for being an improvement on the concept presented by Snapchat and also Vine, and has a community aspect that encourages sharing, commenting and engagement. For marketing, this is a must for future use.


It would be a brave company that decided to take on the might of Instagram – a platform that is still growing at an alarming rate – but that is what Vero aims to do, and in some areas it succeeds.

Vero allows users to share film and TV, videos, books, photos, and just about anything you want, and does so very easily. You can also choose who you want to be able to see your selections – thanks to a series of categories such as friends, close friends and so on – with one finger swipe, which is very effective.

For many people the main attraction of Vero is that there are no adverts. If this is to continue long-term this social media outlet will have to do very well, but for the social media agency marketeers, that makes it more of a research tool – into current trends and so on – rather than one for leveraging revenue.


We are a little cautious about STEEMIL as it is run not in a conventional fashion, but in conjunction with STEEM cryptocurrency. The idea is that just as you get ‘likes’ with other platforms, with this one, you get ‘rewards’ and if you get enough, you might get a share of the current pot of cryptocoins.

Does that sound confusing to you? We reckon it’s a little bit too soon for something such as this, but nevertheless it is one to keep an eye on, and perhaps invest a little bit of time in as an experiment.

Three up and coming social media platforms for you to check out, two of which are certainly going to become names you will hear a lot of!

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