How to wear bold prints gracefully?

The word Bold Print might bring to mind a garish array of prints on an ensemble! But, the new definition of bold print is a perfectly cheery symphony to add colour to your realm. After jaw-dropping catwalk collections and street style moments, the fashion arena is obsessed with bold prints, and rightfully so! They can be a show stopper or lend a supporting allure.

The online women clothing store has a fabulous array of bold prints to brighten your day. With gorgeous patterns and ravishing colours, we curate your fashion with scintillating elan.

Florals, animal prints, or the more classy checks and stripes, they can add panache to your neutral wardrobe. They can liven up any outfit you choose to adorn. The print patterns help create visual interest in your outfits. A suave pant and shrug ensemble can be brightened with a printed blouse underneath.

Apart from cheary appeal, they can help accentuate your stature. Stripes can make you look taller if you are on the shorter side. Similarly, bold prints will downplay your height, if you are too tall. There are a plethora of prints to suit all occasions. Be it a wedding, festivals, get together, or a fun day at the beach, you will be spoilt for choice! Here are a few ways to add colour to your wardrobe, without feeling too dressy or loud. Large and lavish prints can accentuate your grace delightfully.

  1. Combine it with Black or White

Adding a bold print top to a black or white skirt will brighten the ensemble, without taking away the casual effect. It balances any sauve outfit and lends a bit of panache.

  1. Layer it over a neutral base

Combining your pastel outfit with bold prints, allows the print to stand out without overshadowing the overall effect. A beige jacket over a floral dress will shimmer with style. So will, adding a colourful bold print stole over a sand coloured dress.

  1. Go for minimal accessories

Combine your bold print ensembles with neutral-hued accessories. A beige or white clutch will accentuate the bold prints in a subtle way. Hairstyles to shoe choices, keep them subtle and classy!

  1. Choose and balance colours

If you choose to wear bold prints in full glory, one way to make the outfit appear more cohesive is to choose a single colour family to tie the whole outfit together. Example – pink and purple.

  1. Combine prints aptly

Any fashion garment is the balancing act of different parts of the ensemble. A floral skirt with a polka dot top might make the outfit too busy, then if it is combined with a top peppered with petite floral prints.

When compared to muted or neutral colours, wearing bold prints will undoubtedly make you stand out. So, tiptoe out of your comfort zone, and dare to show off your spirited persona!

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