4 Cost Effective And Smart Tips For Saving Money On Summer Clothes Purchases


When summer is on the horizon, there is nothing we like better doing as women, than heading out to the shops and updating our wardrobes.  However, if you are not smart, you may end up getting caught up in the buzz of shopping and find that you have not made particularly sensible purchases.  With that in mind, in the following article the team at Beauty Bloggers have put together some of our favourite tips that will help you get the most out of your hard earned cash when shopping for the summer months.

Buy Shoes A Size Or Half Size Bigger Than Normal

Although it is not the nicest thing about the summer months, it is worth taking into a account that your feet will swell a bit during the summer months.  However, it is worth remembering when you are buying summer shoes, to look at buying pairs in at least a half size or even a full size larger than you normally would.  This will ensure that they accommodate the inevitable swelling that occurs during the warmer months.

Pay Close Attention To The Fabric

Although that blouse or pair of trousers straight off the hanger at the local high street store will be fine during autumn and winter, you have to be a bit more discerning when it comes to the type of fabrics you buy.  Clothes made from poly-blend fabrics are not as breathable and if you sweat in them the stain may remain, even after washes.  In order to ensure that you stay nice and cool on the steaming hot days during summer, you need to look to materials such as supima and cotton-pima because the fibres they are made up of have hollow centres, they absorb and release perspiration very quickly.

Silk is surprisingly good for suer because it is cooling, breathable and natural – despite what you may have heard or believe.  Linen is another must-have during summer because it is a much better conductor of heat and stronger than cotton.  This means it is probably the most breathable clothing fabric available.

Recycle And Re-purpose Old Clothes

Instead of forking out lots of money on lots of new pieces of clothing and complete outfits, you should consider looking first at what you have in your wardrobe.  If there are plenty of things that you are not ready to get rid of, a trip to a local tailor’s could provide you with something fresh and new made from old favourites  Some examples include long wintertime blazers being converted into cropped jackets, trousers into shorts or a full length dress or skirt into a short and fun miniskirt.

Make Use Of Voucher Codes

One of our favourite tips for making sure you get enough bang for your buck is by making use of voucher codes available for online stores. www.voucherbin.co.uk features literally hundreds of your favourite shops and brands listed with various vouchers available at the click of a button.  You are then taken through to the store where you can buy the things you want, while saving some extra money in the process.

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