Get a New Wardrobe For Less


Summer is around the corner and last year’s wardrobe isn’t looking too fashionable this year.  Unfortunately, funds in the “New Wardrobe” account are nonexistent.  If you still want a way to get a new look without breaking the bank, it’s a pretty simple task to complete.

Doll Up That Plain T-Shirt

Before you send those old t-shirt off to the trash, there many ways to take those old rags and transform them into something original.  Plan a trip to your local craft shop. Here they may have iron on graphics to add to those shirts to give them your own personality.  Or for a more three dimensional look, cut out of graphics from shirts that no longer fit and show them on to one of those plain t-shirts.  Make your look authentic. Place the graphics in different places on the shirt to add life to an old shirt.

Hold on to the Dusty Denim and Boring Skirts

It’s tempting to throw away jeans that no interest you.  Depending on your personal style, those jeans can be cut down to make a trending set of shorts.  Add your own charm and charisma.  Make them into a flirty set of boy shorts or keep it casual with some knee length shorts.  Based on the type of jeans that can even be made into a cute set of capri pants.  For your one personal style, iron on patches or appliques.

Skirts can also be recycled and made into something more dynamic.  Longer skirts can be made shorter in one swipe with a pair of scissors.  If you are skilled in the art of sewing, the hem from one skirt can be taken to add a ruffled look to another skirt.  Grab material from other skirts or jeans a make a patchwork styled skirt as well.  Patches can also be added to the t-shirts as well for another added flare.

Retro Wear

Another way to create an awesome t-shirt is by using the tie dying technique.  The look was popular back in the 60s and slowly but surely the style is making its way back into the fashion world today.  All you need to make a retro shirt like this are rubber bands and your favorite color dyes.  If you are not that good of a “do it yourselfer”, many arts and crafts store carry kits with step by step instructions.  Pops of color are always a great way to spruce up any wardrobe.

Make Your Own Jeans

To add spice to a boring set of jeans is as easy as grabbing a pair of scissors.  Spending money on jeans that have that distressed look can be saved for something else.  Strategically place a few holes in the jeans and wash them a few times.  That frayed look you know and love come up in no time.  This can save you plenty of money because the look of designer jeans can get really expensive. By following these tips your friends with think you spent a fortune on your new summer wardrobe.

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