4 Ways to Personalize an Engagement

So, you have met the perfect person for you and the timing finally feels right to pop the question. Or maybe you are taking a modern approach and you are planning your engagement together. Whatever situation you are in, we all know how special personalization is to anyone. Personalizing an engagement makes this already special occasion even more so. It shows that you really value your future spouse and that even the smallest of details are remembered because they are so special to you. If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to personalizing an engagement, then here are five things you can do.

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The Day

The timing of your engagement is key. Although a random day would become special after you are engaged, choosing one that is already something your partner values is even better. You need to make sure you don’t steal the thunder away from someone else, so be careful with what day you choose. If there is a day that means a lot to you or your partner, such as a birthday of a loved one who has passed away, the first day you met or the first day you became a couple, popping the question during this time is a great way to show how much you know about them and how much you think about them.

The Ring

Personalizing the ring is a fantastic way to show how much you love your partner. The ring is a massive part of an engagement and everyone will see it, so finding a company that does custom engagement rings and adding small details to the ring that will be appreciated by your partner is an extremely thoughtful way of showing them how much you love and value them. You can do this by selecting the stone used, writing a meaningful quote or date and/or going for your partner’s favorite material or color.

The Location

The place you pop the question can be a tricky one and there are a number of ways you can go about it to make it personal. You could go all out and book a place away, particularly somewhere you and your partner have always talked about going. Or you could go to the first place you met or where you had your first date, to show that you remember and value this time. Before you decide, think about what would mean the most to your partner.

The Event

When people think of an engagement, the activity they tend to instantly relate it to is a fancy meal. To make your engagement more personal, try to mix this up a little bit. You could relive the first activity you did together, do it during your favorite hobby or do it when your partner is doing something they love. As long as it is unexpected and during something you know they or both of you enjoy it will make the occasion really meaningful.

As long as you listen and know a lot about your partner, personalizing an engagement is technically easy once you know what to do. You need to be organized and you need to make sure you think about everything that goes on outside of this special time. The one thing that is guaranteed is that your partner really will love it.

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