It’s Time to Do Something About the Dark Circles Under Your Eyes



You’re not the first person to have dark circles under your eyes and won’t be the last. These common blue and purple circles can form under the lower eyelid for a wide variety of reasons.

For one, the skin around your eyes is a lot thinner than the rest of your skin, which means it creases and wears a lot quicker — hence the dark circles and wrinkles around your eyes.

Other things that can contribute to the dark circles include age, dehydration, sun exposure, genetics and — most commonly — lack of sleep.

When you have dark circles under your eyes, it can make you look tired and older than you are — which nobody wants. Fortunately, various products and habits can help you to reduce this darkness and restore life to your face.

While no one product or habit will completely eliminate these circles, a healthy balance of these tips and tricks will help you to look as refreshed, awake and confident as you feel:

Invest in a Quality Cream

To start getting rid of those dark circles, invest in a quality eye cream with properties that will not only conceal these circles, but will reduce and, eventually, get rid of them. When it comes to creams, you have countless options.

If you are looking for a specific cream to reduce your circles, you have to see this collection from SK II that includes their LXP Ultimate Revival Eye Cream.

This cream, like others from the brand, is made with their classic anti-aging ingredient Pitera. This ingredient not only firms and soothes the skin but will hydrate the area under your eyes to reduce the dark circles that you can’t seem to get rid of.

Use a Cold Compress

You can use a cold compress on your eyes to reduce the swelling and puffiness that has appeared over time.  According to Healthline, it’s suggested that you keep the cold, damp washcloth on your eyes for at least 20 minutes. This is a good habit to get into every few days.

Apply Teabags

Tea isn’t just good for drinking! Green tea can work wonders for your under-eye circles. This tea specifically contains caffeine, antioxidants, and tannins — these are all ingredients that help to reduce liquid retention, shrink blood vessels and stimulate blood circulation.

All you need to do is freeze the teabag and then apply it to your under eyes for roughly 10 to 20 minutes. Like the compress, this will also help to reduce swelling.

Take Antihistamines

Sometimes, dark circles under your eyes are actually an allergic reaction — if that’s the case, an antihistamine will help you to keep your allergy symptoms at bay and reduce your reaction.

Conceal Them

The thing is, these tips and tricks won’t work overnight. That said, while you are working on reducing your circles, there is nothing wrong with covering them up in the meantime. You can use foundation and concealers to do this.

A good hack is to use a color-correcting concealer. For example, a green concealer will conceal dark circles with a red tint while a pink one will help you to conceal those with more of a blue or purple tint. If you don’t have a color correcting concealer, you can use a coral or pink lipstick! There are tons of hacks to help you conceal your dark circles while you try to get rid of them.

Just be sure you are using a concealer or foundation with restorative and hydrating properties that will keep the sensitive skin healthy, and not worsen your current state.

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