5 Reasons You Need Press On Nails Right Now



Who has the time to visit the nail salon every week? I don’t. If you’re like me then you need to give Press on Nails a second look.

Have you considered press on nails? Here are the reasons why you need to look into these beautiful additions to your beauty regime.

1. GET The Nails You Want

Infinite colors, bold nail designs and nail shapes that fit your personal style, this is what you can expect from press on nails today. Press-on nail kits let you instantly customize your nails in ways you may never have dreamed of. Now you can find seasonal colors to match your favorite Fall outfit. Need to find a set to match your school’s colors or your favorite team jersey? No problem. Nails are not as long as you want? No problem. Press-on nails have you covered. Literally.

2. Save Money

Let’s be honest, if you’re visiting the nail salon all the time for acrylic nails or a gel manicure, the costs can really add up. When you stop to consider the amount you are spending in total at the nail salon then you may stop going altogether. But that doesn’t mean your nails have to suffer. Press on nails are an cost effective alternative.  A do it yourself press on Gel Nails Kit great and cost a fraction of what you would pay at the salon.

3. Save Time

Of course, one of the main reasons for choosing press on nails is saving time. Have a last minute invite to an event or did you just swipe right to a match? Well don’t let your nails stop you from a night out. In minutes you can have a manicure that looks perfect and stays put all night. With a press on nail kit there is no appointment necessary, simply press on, just as the name suggests!

4. These Nails Don’t bite

Are you a chronic nail biter? Well whether you are o your aren’t fact is you won’t be with Press on nails. Press on nails are a surefire way to save your nails from a jagged demise.

5. A Healthier alternative

Give your nails a break from all the harsh chemicals they will thank you for it Not to mention your lungs. That chemically aroma of Acetone wafting through the air can’t be good for you. Let’s not even talk about some of the other health risks. Lets just say taking a break from the salon does your body and your wallet some good.


Press on Nails kit by imPRESS Manicure



Image courtesy of FrameAngel/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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