Do Tape-in Hair Extensions Damage Hair?



Favoured by many celebrities and hair stylists throughout the world, tape-in hair extensions provide a simple and easy way to add instant volume to lifeless hair without damaging the scalp.

Unlike clip-in hair extensions which have metal or plastic clips attached to them, tape-in hair extensions use a thin layer of tape, a non-damaging adhesive, to attach your favourite hair extensions to your natural hair.

Specifically designed to blend seamlessly with your natural hair and lay flat on the scalp, hair extension tape allows you to attach more hair extensions, adding natural looking volume to your hair without creating excessive bulk near the scalp. Since there are no rough metals rubbing against your hair or poking your scalp, hair tension and tugging near the scalp is reduced, thus providing a more comfortable wear throughout the day.

Hair extensions using tape are quick to apply and easy to remove. To remove the extensions from your hair, simply add some oil to the adhesive, wait for a few minutes for the oil to penetrate the tape, then rub the tape together to release the bond and dissolve the glue that’s attached to your natural hair. When removed correctly, the adhesive leaves zero residue behind after detaching it from your hair.

Tape-in hair extensions are very comfortable to sleep in and do not need to be removed overnight. Rather than putting and removing your hair extensions every day, which adds unnecessary stress to your hair, tape-in hair extensions can be worn overnight and can last up to eight weeks or longer when attached correctly. Since there are no metal clips, which can poke your scalp while you are sleeping, tape-in hair extensions are quickly becoming the preferred method for long term wear. A good way to preserve the longevity of your tape extensions when wearing them overnight is by simply taking your hair back in a low bun when you are sleeping. This method helps to keep the tape parallel to your head and preserve its flat shape for a longer period of time.

Hair extension tape is so easy to use that you can apply it with or without the help of a professional hair stylist. All you have to do is take the tape and attach in on both sides of your hair strand, using a sandwich like method to enclose your natural hair between the tape. But just like metal or plastic clips, the quality of tape differs by manufacturer, that’s why it’s important to choose high quality hair extension tape that will withstand your everyday lifestyle.

If you are looking to add volume to your lifeless hair or simply want to try out a different hair style, the tape method provides you with a simple and easy method to attach your favourite hair extensions, and is the perfect solution for special occasions and everyday life when a seamless, natural hairstyle is key.

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