5 Tips on How to Reinvent Your Look

It can happen to anyone – one day you wake up and realise how bored you got with the way you look. Usually, people can’t even determine what’s the thing that they don’t like, but it can be basically anything – same old haircut or hair colour you had for years, a few extra kilos you always wanted to lose, a colour palette of your wardrobe, and so on. However, it’s amazing how changing a few details about yourself can change your whole perspective, and help you get your confidence back. Here are some tips on how to reinvent your look.

Start with your hair

Finding a hairstyle that suits your face, body, and personality is not an easy path, and once you find it -you might stick with it for years. However, a little change can come in handy so reconsider your hair length or colour. It doesn’t even have to be a drastic change – dyeing your hair a few shades lighter, or cutting bangs can do wonders. Even a tiny detail such as changing your hair parting can help reinvent your whole look.

Update your wardrobe

Fashion is one of those areas where you can experiment as much as you like until you finally find your style. If you got bored with your wardrobe, try treating yourself with a nice coat or boots. Also, consider making a U-turn and changing your whole style – it’s never too late for that. If you’re not sure where to start, try imitating a famous person’s style at first. Experiment, try different combinations and be patient – you’ll find your style eventually.

Reconsider your tattoos

That old tattoo you got when you were 17 doesn’t have to stay with you forever – at least not with the latest technology. Book an appointment with a trustworthy tattoo removal specialist and start a new chapter in your life. Also, if you’re not ready for a new permanent change on your skin, you can always opt for a temporary tattoo – think henna or metallic flash tattoos which have been trending for the last few seasons.

Upgrade your smile

Your lips and teeth define your face and a lot can change in your appearance if you decide to whiten your teeth, or perfect your pout. Teeth whitening is a relatively inexpensive procedure after which you’ll surely look younger and healthier. As for your lips, you can opt for plastic surgery or you can go for temporary options, like those popular lip plumping products. Even a bold lipstick colour can make a change, so go ahead and step out of your comfort zone.

Reshape your body

If you’re not satisfied with your body, change it. Sign up for a gym membership or force yourself to go for a jog before work. Start with little things like 15-minute workout routines until you create a habit. Also, consider balancing your diet. It doesn’t have to be a drastic change – start cooking more homemade meals, avoid fast food, eat regularly and soon your body will begin to transform.

Self-esteem comes from feeling good in your own skin and a healthy level of it can be beneficial both for your physical appearance as well as for your mental health. So, don’t be afraid to try a few new things but don’t go overboard. Whatever you do, adjust it to your personality. Go ahead – call your hairstylist or find that gym card you got months ago – and start working on yourself!


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