Fashion Musthaves – Fall 2016

With the NYFW behind us and a glorious, red-and-rusty fall ahead of us, it’s time we recalibrated our impressions and did a little fashion forecasting for the season.

Judging by what we saw on the NYFW runways, the season we are upon is going to be one amazing fashion rollercoaster filled with so many juxtaposed styles, materials, colors and fabrics that we almost feel dizzy. Naturally, designers made sure there’s something for everyone so, this time around, the fashion variety came in handy – just as it always does.

Let’s explore the world of statement fashion for the upcoming fall and decide on the styles that will take:

All Things Lingerie

The world instantly went crazy over lingerie inspired outerwear, and we can understand why; the naughtiness behind the cuts, the silk and lace dominance and the overall casual yet superbly chic oomph of the trend is, in lack of a better word, captivating. Combined with pieces like jean trousers, a lingerie top will instantly take your outfit from 0 to a 100, and a lingerie inspired dress for a date out will ooze confidence, sweet edge and a break from all-things-expected.

Statement Fur

A holdover from this past fall, fur – both real and faux – made a strong showing on catwalks and it looked amazing. It was showcased in various forms, bold colors and prints and designed in such a way that it will be, without a doubt, the street-style crowd pleaser. We can’t wait to see it paired with some wicked pieces under it.

Shearling Bombers

If you thought aviator-style shearling jackets are out, you thought wrong. This fall they are shown with everything from kick flares to midi dresses and, surprisingly, they do look chic. Don’t be surprised to see them paired with lingerie dresses and silk boots. It’s a crazy fashion climate out there!

Ruffled up Joy

Often presented in laughable proportions on runways, ruffles have rarely made their full swing in the actually-worn fashion. However, a surprising twist of things was this year’s show of ruffles with designers like Jill Stuart and Cushnie et Ochs successfully fusing structured high-fashion ruffles with wearability. We’re excited!

Plaid Overcoats

Plaid is boring; there, we said it. However, with designer labels like Calvin Klein and Victoria Beckham, plaid is twisted for upgrade and approached in a much subtler, cleaner and muted way which gave it a whole new dimension. Plaid is used on everything from outerwear to cocktail dresses, and we’re yet to decide if we’re liking it or not.


Luxe-looking dresses with subtly sexy silhouettes and dramatic blouses revealing shoulders at great length are the new craze of 2016. Truth is, we did notice the off-shoulder moment fighting for a comeback back in 2015 but we never thought it would happen this fabulously, this fast.

Dusty Pink & Yellow & Shades of Tan

While you may think these colors are more suited to spring than fall, think twice. Combined well, the colors look best when coming in form of separates with an autumnal feel, such as turtlenecks and coats.

As for tan, it’s obviously not going anywhere, still; tons of skirts, pants and knits ooze a sexy, chic vibe and we’re counting on all-tan-combos possible – from muted khaki to soft camel.

Gold Metallic Army

Gold metallic is happening and designers are making it wearable and luxurious-looking through smartly tailored jackets, pants and coats. We’ll see.

Pantsuit Chic

Pantsuit is the new power suit and while you might think it’s looking dull and old, it’s not. This one is a perfect staple of ladies fashion and we’re pleasantly surprised it’s looking as chic as it is. Often colorful, slim, stylish and sporting a diversity of necklines, the new power suit is just as suitable for the office as it is for a night out.

Choke Me to Style

Yes, the ‘90s are back but they’re looking so chic! Chokers are the new it accessory of the season and you can wear them in any color or thickness you like. Even the simplest of T-s will look spectacular with a choker added. It’s fabulous.




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