5 Tips To Help You Gain More Instagram Followers

Instagram can be an important marketing tool, regardless of the niche or sector you are operating in. However, one thing you need over and above all else when it comes to Instagram is followers. If you have been fretting and worrying about this though, don’t anymore because in the following post we will share with you some relatively simple and effective ways that could help you gain Instagram followers.

Link Your Instagram Account To Other Social Media Accounts

Undoubtedly, you have both Facebook and Instagram accounts. If these are not already linked together, then you need to do that as it could increase your Instagram followers considerably as most of the people who use Facebook who you are friends with or follow you, will probably use Instagram too.

When you do this, your Facebook friends will discover that you have a ab Instagram account as well and will probably decide to follow you. This is something you really should do when you first open your accounts, but it will still be incredibly effective whenever you choose to do it.

What if you already have both accounts linked up, but feel there are still some Facebook users that could become Instagram followers? You can attract more attention to your account by sharing your Instagram pictures on Facebook. It should be noted that you should also sync up your Twitter account with both Facebook and Instagram to maximize this tip.

Look At What Works

One of the best tabs you should use when you are trying to attract and find more people to follow you, is the Popular one. When you come across something that was particularly popular, try to ascertain what attracted people to that pic and what they liked about it. You should find it quite easy to find some kind of pattern you can copy.

Harness The Power Of Relevant Keywords and Popular Hash-tags

Hash-tags are ingenious because as well as helping to categorize your content, they also increase the visibility of your pictures and improve their chances of being found by the right people. Furthermore, the more popular a hash-tag is, the better a chance you will have of getting followers in return or at the very least a like.

Like People’s Photos and Follow Them

Much of social media works on the concept of reciprocation.  In other words, you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. Therefore, if you want people to follow you and like the things you post, you need to be an active member of the Instagram community and do the same to other people.

Use A Helpful Service

Depending on your reason for having an Instagram account and why you need more followers, will determine whether this next tip is any good for you. However, if you need more Instagram followers for business purposes, it may be worth investing in a service that offers to drive a specific number of followers every month.

We understand that this method is not for everyone, but it is a sure-fire way to gain more followers.

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