Does A Facelift Last Forever?

That is a question is one that is asked by many people who are on the cusp of deciding to go under the knife. The thing is, every face is different and all surgeons are unique. So too, then, are the results of a facelift. If you get a facelift and it is performed by a very talented surgeon and you lead a healthy lifestyle, you can expect your facelift to last for a long time. Just how long it actually lasts is based on a number of different factors, many of which, surprisingly, can be controlled by you.

Your age and skin, for instance, play big roles in the longevity of this treatment. If you have darker toned skin and it is in a healthy condition when you undergo the procedure, there is a better chance of it lasting longer, than if your skin is lighter, sun-damaged or just thinner. As a general rule of thumb, if you are younger than 60, you are probably going to have better results that will last a lot longer.

The Surgeon And Type Of Facelift

Another important factor is the surgeon’s skill and the type of facelift you have. It generally goes like this – the more invasive and disruptive the procedure, the more time it will take to recover and the longer you will experience the best results. For instance, a full and complete facelift can give you results that will last for around 5 to 6 years.

Mini facelifts on the other hand, or S-lifts as they are sometimes referred to as, are designed to tighten the skin to target sagging. These are normally the choice of younger patients who just want to turn back the clock and reverse premature aging. However, although they are less invasive, the results of these procedures last for less time. Typically between 2 and 6 years.

Tips to help your facelift last longer

Although skin type and genetics play a large part in how long it lasts, there are many simple thins you can do to help the positive results of your facelift last as long as you possibly can.

  • Make sure you choose an expert in facelifts for your surgeon, because they have the necessary experience and skills to make your facelift last as long as it can.
  • Make sure you go for the right type of facelift, there are many out there such as the Vampire Facelift which does not involve surgery.
  • Avoid or give up smoking, as this prevents blood from flowing as freely as it should and accelerates aging and is one of the number one causes of early wrinkling.
  • It is also a good idea to cut down on the amount of alcohol you drink, particularly during the recovery process. Alcohol is responsible for dehydrating your skin and is less supple and firm so won’t maintain the results of the facelift for as long.
  • Stick to a healthy weight to ensure your face remains vibrant and young looking. Patients who go through extreme weight loss before their surgery will lack the appropriate amount of elasticity to maintain a long-lasting facelift. On the other hand, weight fluctuations in either direction can have detrimental effects.
  • Make sure you keep your skin properly hydrated by drinking lots of water. It helps to keep your face look full and your skin healthy.
  • Don’t skip on the sunscreen. Seriously, always wear it without exception.
  • Make sure that you follow the post-facelift guidelines your surgeon gives you to ensure you get the best results possible.

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