5 Unique Wedding Locations for an Unforgettable Day


Your wedding is supposed to be one of the most important and special days of your life, so of course, it goes without saying that you will want your choice of venue to reflect such significance.

But of course, no couple is quite the same when it comes to what they want from a wedding venue. For every couple that desires a very traditional and luxurious venue, there is another that wishes to tie the knot somewhere distinctly offbeat.

Above all else, you will want to remember your nuptials for all of the right reasons in the years to come. So, here are just some of the astounding venues that we would suggest you consider.

  1. Camp Nou, Barcelona, Spain  

Yes, we do mean that Camp Nou. It’s hard to think of a more atmospheric ground in world football than the home of the fabled FC Barcelona, and it’s possible to hold both your civil ceremony and wedding reception there.

We wouldn’t suggest that you book this venue without telling your Real Madrid-supporting fiancé, though…

  1. Château Bouffémont, France

Ask so many couples want they really want from a wedding venue, and despite all of the more outlandish options that have attracted column inches around the world in recent years, they’ll still say they wish to formalise their union in a pretty, old-fashioned French chateau.

Château Bouffémont is the perfect example of such a property. With its enchanting setting, refined furnishings and rich heritage, it lives up to every fantasy you’ve probably ever had about getting married in a French chateau. Oh, and it’s also just 30 kilometres from central Paris for further cultural stimulations during your time in this most beautiful and romantic of countries.

  1. Simon Drake’s House of Magic, London, UK

You and your guests won’t exactly forget this Victorian mansion in a hurry. With its haunted castle ruins, chandeliers and red velvet-clad rooms, this popular entertainment venue is shrouded in a certain sense of mystery, its website stating that it is “situated in a central London location… but [it’s] a secret as to exactly where”.

Well, we hear that the ‘secret’ location in question might be Braganza Street near Kennington tube station, but anyway, what’s really important is that there could barely be a spookier way to start your married life.

  1. Victoria Baths, Manchester, UK

It might seem like a crazy idea to get married in a swimming pool, but the good news is that you don’t have to get wet or even don a swimming cap to tie the knot at Manchester’s Victoria Baths.

That’s because you can hold your ceremony in an empty pool, with no fewer than five different spaces from which to choose. These include the pool themselves and the Turkish Rest Room with its impressive Angel of Purity stained glass window.

  1. Scott Island, Antarctica

OK, so you might struggle a little bit to make this one possible, but it’s a great example of the extremes to which some couples go for each other.

Scott Island is only accessible by helicopter, but Andrew Perry and Molly Kendall – shiphands on the M/Y Steve Irwin – nonetheless took on the challenge of tying the knot there in 2009. The orange thermal suits that they had to don represented a slight departure from the usual wedding wear, however!

More information about Molly and Andrew’s story can be found on the Operation Musashi Crew Blog of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Is the wedding venue on which you presently have your eye quite as unique as these fascinating and – in some cases – outright bonkers options? Or have you previously got married in a similarly unusual setting? Let us know in the comments section below!

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