How Do Millennials Plan a Lavish Wedding?

As a millennial, you might have a different idea about what a lavish wedding looks like. It will have something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Most likely you already have a whole movie playing in your head, and you want to make it happen up to the smallest detail. Hiring a wedding planner could take some of the stress off your shoulders but also some of the fun of this (hopefully once in a lifetime) event.


First, ask yourself what your budget is and who is going to pay for all this. There are options, just need to set a number and stick to it. If your parents jump in and lend a helping hand, or you already have a designated account for this, you are fortunate. If not, some smart money choices will save the day.

It’s time you start adulting and take a look at you and your partner’s credit scores. If either of you is in the good or excellent range, you could make a personal loan to cover expenses and pay it back in a couple of years. Maxing out your credit cards is another option, but do the math first and choose the lowest interest and the lowest overall cost(find more helpful hints here).  And hey, something borrowed brings good luck, if you pay your installments on time.


Think about you and your partner’s lifestyle, hobbies, and dislikes and try to come up with something that defines your relationship. Remember, lavish doesn’t only translate to tuxedo and limos. You can get some unconventional creativity from these Harry Potter fans or the Great Gatsby pair. Start with your song or where you’ve met for inspiration or your childhood heroes. Get as personal and quirky as possible and create something new.


The size of your party has a direct influence on the costs, and it is not always the more, the merrier. Family, close relatives, and the best friends have a spot on the list, but you might want to skip the long-lost aunt from Canada who also needs a plane ticket and accommodation. You can do matchmaking and get some of your single friends in the game. Be sure to inform those who will play a special role like the bridesmaids and groom’s men well ahead, so they have time to prepare.


Starting with your theme either find something that is right for that story or create it yourself by decoration and special effects. The balancing rule here is that you can spend the extra dollar on something that is gorgeous and requires no further intervention or get the cheapest venue you can and turn it into a fairyland.


This is no place to be cheap since professionals can be costly. Yet, just imagine that decades after the ceremony is over, all you are left with are the photos. Choose a photographer who understands your vision and whose portfolio you adore.

The same goes for your beauty squad: your hairdresser, nail artist and make-up artist should be able to create the most beautiful version of you that also fits the desired theme. Resist the urge to change your appearance drastically. Don’t dye your hair another color and don’t keep the most draconic diet of your life. Feeling great is way more important and will make you glow. Make sure you do a trial for your look so that you know what to expect. On the big day, you will be running against the clock, no time to change the lipstick shade.

Ladies put an emphasis on the flowers and invitations and go to great lengths to make sure these are perfect. Yet, at the end of the day, people will not take a second look at the cardboard piece and will not praise the centerpiece unless they want to avoid talking about the real party. We are not saying to get rid of these items altogether, just not to spend a fortune on them.

Instead, you can splurge on the live band, the MC, and other entertainment professionals. Most people will remember if they had fun if the music was good and even some of the jokes the MC did. The best idea is to invite a group you already liked at other events.

As a final thought, don’t turn into a bridezilla and don’t obsess over insignificant items. Be kind and humorous and remember that every flaw will make a great story in a couple of months. Oh, and about the something blue part, that’s your honeymoon in Hawaii or the Alpes, your choice.



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