6 Weird and Wonderful Spa Treatments

by PURE Spa & Beauty

When it comes to pampering and looking for ways to wind down, spa treatments can help you release tension and say goodbye to stress. From facials to full body massages, taking some time out for you can help with health, happiness and general wellbeing – and across the continents, beauty professionals have very different ideas of what it takes to relax.

As part of our love of Exotic Escapes this winter, we thought we’d share something a little different from the usual serenity of a day spa. Are you ready for a safari of the world’s most weird and wonderful treatments?

  1. Snake masssssages

snake massssage

This first treatment is not for the fainthearted. ‘Therapeutic’ snake massages are taking the world by storm – apparently soothing sore muscles as they wrap their scaly bodies around you. Despite their initial fear, many who have tried this bizarre massage have admitted to enjoying the experience. If you have a phobia of reptiles, this is probably not the way to go – but for the thrill-seeker in you, a snake massage might be a welcome treat.

  1. Leech detox

It might sound scary, but leech detoxing is actually more common than you think. Thought to drain your body of any harmful toxins, the unattractive little insects gorge on your blood until they don’t have room for anymore – leaving them nice and full, and you 100% toxin-free! If it’s good enough for Demi Moore, it’s good enough for us!

  1. Candle wax cleansing

Pouring hot wax into your ear might sound anything but relaxing. However, the treatment is designed to clear your ear canals and help to relieve headaches. If you suffer from stress or tension headaches, Hopi ear candling will be right up your street.

There’s controversy over the origin of this soothing treatment but, in recent years, it’s grown in popularity and is offered in the UK’s best beauty parlours (like ours!)

  1. Bathe in beer

If you’re a fan of having a beer in the bath, why not go the whole hog and actually bathe in beer? Sud-seekers in the Czech Republic are saying goodbye to the stresses of the day by soaking in special beer baths. Said to stimulate your skin, beer baths can be enjoyed solo or as a treat for two!

  1. Snail slime moisturiser

snail slime

They might be considered pests when they sneak into your home but, on the beauty scene, snails are becoming as popular as pedicures! It’s an unusual method of moisturising, but snake slime is thought to leave customers with softer and smoother skin than those who use more traditional products. The mucus trail the little guys produce is said to contain an array of antioxidants which leave its users with baby soft skin.

Whatever your chosen method of relaxation, make sure you take time out to treat yourself and leave behind the worries and stresses of modern day life.

rasul mud wrap

  1. Rasul mud therapy

Now here’s something a little less scary! Offering just the right amount of exotic results and fragrances, Moroccan mud – ‘rasul’ – makes for a fantastic, natural cleanser. Rasul is rich in many skincare essentials such as magnesium, iron and calcium.

A rasul body wrap is a fantastic way to lock in moisture, buff away dead skin cells and detoxify your skin. And let’s face it, a little bit of mud might be easier to work with than leaches and snails…

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