How to Look After your Rings


If you’re like us, you’ll have a really special ring that you treasure and wear every day. With something that gets worn every day and that comes into close contact with lots of different materials and surfaces regularly, it’s important that they get lots of care to keep them in ship shape.

We’ve put together a guide for how you can look after your rings to prolong their appearance as long as possible.

Ask for advice when you purchase them

The best bet is to actually ask the sales assistant or jeweller as you purchase them, as they’ll be the ones who’ll know best how to look after the specific material you’re buying. And after all, they won’t want you to come back with a problem so they’ll give you good advice so you look after them! When buying a new ring from the likes of Troll Beads they’ll be happy to talk to you about looking after your new purchase.

Take extra care

It sounds pretty obvious, but being extra careful with your new ring is highly advised to keep it in its prime condition. This can include things like taking it off when performing certain tasks or when at work, and to avoid it from coming into contact with surfaces or materials that can scratch it, for example.

Know when to take them off

As mentioned above, despite being in love with your new ring and wanting to wear it as much as possible, you should really consider taking it off at certain times to keep it looking great. There’s a really useful article here that highlights the key times you should take your ring off – some of the times might actually surprise you.

Get them professionally cleaned

Whilst going to take your ring to be professionally cleaned can be a bit of a pain and quite time consuming (and even pricey, depending on where you go), it’s highly advised against do-it-yourself at home kits as some of these won’t be suitable for certain types of materials or stones. Therefore if it’s a really treasured piece of jewellery, you should always take it to a professional so you’ll know it’s in safe hands and won’t be damaged. (You’ll also be covered if anything does happen to it, too).

Store them properly when you’re not wearing them

Knowing how and where to store your jewellery, especially your rings, is also really important. It’s vital to know that you shouldn’t store all types of jewellery the same way – it largely depends on the material of the piece as to how you store it. There’s a useful article here with jewellery storage tips, as well as some other jewellery tips.

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