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Jewellery is generally considered to be a piece of fashion that complements an outfit that you are wearing, adding a little something extra to really complete your look. However, for many people jewellery is much, much more than that, and can reflect them as a person, provide an insight into their life or even act as a continued reminder about specific memories or events from their past. Although often associated with women, jewellery acts in much the same way for men and is a very important part of their day to day lives.

As jewellery can have a big impact on a man, on how they are viewed and on how they look, it is important for you to ensure that you wear the right jewellery in the right way. This guide has been written to help you understand some of the types of jewellery that men currently wear, and also to provide some top tips for you wearing your own jewellery.

Types of Jewellery for Men

Although jewellery wearing is very subjective and depends on the interests of those wearing it, there are a number of items that are typically worn by men, with certain colours, designs and styles also specifically suited to men and their appearance. Types of male jewellery include:

Wedding Rings – Almost certainly the most worn, yet most important item of jewellery that a man can own is his wedding ring, possessing great meaning and sentiment that is representative of much more than just fashion. Men’s wedding rings are typically very simple, and will usually be made from gold, silver or platinum.

Watches – One of the most common pieces of jewellery worn by men, watches have become more of a fashion piece than the practical time keeper that they were originally created as. Different styles of watch can be worn as part of different outfits, with more simple and classical designs being reserved for the most formal or dressed up occasions. Leather strapped or metal watches are best suited to formalwear, whilst plastic pieces are generally worn with casual clothing.

Tie Clips – Serving a practical purpose of keeping a tie in check is the idea of wearing a tie clip, but there are also the benefits of adding an element of style and something extra to your outfit. Tie clips are often very simple, subtle pieces of jewellery that are used more as a supportive style addition to your outfit, rather than something that jumps out at anybody that you come into contact with.

Cufflinks – This type of jewellery is again a very practical help to men, helping to keep shirt sleeves in position, whilst adding a little extra style to their outfit. Cufflinks made from precious metals typically feature simple designs and are therefore most suited to more formal events, whilst cufflinks boasting novelty designs are usually worn as a casual addition to office attire.

Piercings – Earrings are the most accepted piercing for men in today’s society, having beaten the stigma that was often associated with it over many years. Nose, eyebrow and other facial piercings are also becoming more socially accepted, especially within the UK, but they aren’t yet considered as “normal” on the wider spectrum. Facial piercings are more of day to day wearing items of jewellery, and are therefore usually very simple to ensure that they can work well together with different types of outfits.

Necklaces – A necklace can be worn for a whole variety of reasons, from style to functionality and religion to medical issues, styles of necklaces vary depending on the individual. A necklace is a good way to hold certain memories or pictures of loved ones close to your heart, so choosing your own design and style may make the piece completely personal to you.

Bracelets – Men have long worn stylish bracelets to accompany their outfits, with metal or leather bracelets some of the most popular options, depending on style and outfits. However, in recent years there has been a surge in the amount of cause-related bracelets being worn, with bracelets designed to help promote charities such as Help for Heroes, Cancer Research UK and many other fantastic charities operating within the UK. These bracelets are worn as a sign of respect, but also as a way of helping charities to achieve their goals.

Top Tips for Men Wearing Jewellery

When you see a piece of jewellery that you like and want to wear, it is often the case that you become unsighted and make the wrong choices. The process of choosing items of jewellery to buy consists of much more than your admiration of something or the desire that you have to wear it, and so our top tips will help you to make informed decisions in the future.

Understanding what Items of Jewellery Represent – Although you may think that jewellery is just about what people like the look of and want to wear, for some there is much more substance and meaning to different styles of jewellery. Some pieces of jewellery may represent success of some form, whilst others may represent an affiliation to a crime network, and so understanding the meaning behind your items of jewellery is very important.

Jewellery within Dress Codes and Uniforms – When choosing an outfit for an event or for a new job, it is important for you to be aware of the rules and regulations surrounding jewellery. The best way to go about this is to consider how appropriate items of jewellery may be against any guidelines that are available, and try not to wear something that stands out too much in a negative way.

Simplicity is Key – It is sometimes the case that you are unsure of which items to incorporate into your outfit, and until you are confident in wearing extravagant items or creating a bold look, the best piece of advice that you can receive is just to keep things as simple as possible.

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