An All-in-One Solution to Get Rid of Pigmentation Marks


Hyperpigmentation or pigmentation is a common skin problem that leads to discoloration and darkening of skin tone. Pigmentation marks occur in the form of dark spots or dark patches of different sizes and shapes on your face or other body parts. It also occurs in the form of dullness and tanning. Although the marks of pigmentation can be severe or mild, it is easy to treat by choosing the right products. If you are looking for best pigmentation treatment, you have landed on the right page. Continuing the discussion, the blog talks about one of the best pigmentation treatments, i.e., Melblok Home-Kit Advanced. It is an all-in-one solution to get rid of all types of pigmentation marks. The Kit comprises of Melblok Advanced Day Cream and Melblok Advanced Night Cream. Let’s dig in.

Melblok Day Cream Advanced

Melblok Advanced Day Cream is a three-in-one treatment that collectively works as a daycare cream, moisturizer, and an effective hyperpigmentation cream. If you use makeup everyday, you can replace your primer or BB cream with Melblok Advanced Day Cream that brightens your skin without making it greasy and offers 12-hour UV-protection too with an SPF 20. It is a high-performance product that easily soaks into your skin. Regular usage of the day cream helps control the production of melanin, and lightens melasma, patches and dark spots.

Melblok Night Cream Advanced

If you have pigmentation prone skin and are tired of using night creams that provide little to no results, Melblok’s Night Cream Advanced is a product you must try. The cream penetrates the skin to clear stickiness and grease, and helps eliminate dark circles and improve skin health. After the first application, you can feel the difference in your skin the next morning. After the first wash, you will find your skin smoother, and with daily use, you will definitely feel a landslide change in the texture and glow of your skin.

My Experience with Melblok Home-Kit Advanced

After using Melblok’s Home-Kit Advanced for about three weeks, I can say that it saves a significant amount of time that I used to spend on my daily skin care routine. The kit is simply amazing and works wonders on all types of pigmentation problems. After using the product, I feel no need to apply other serums, moisturizers, sunscreens and dark spot correctors and hyperpigmentation creams. If you too have pigmentation marks, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, or unnatural tanning, the Home-Kit Advanced is the anti-pigmentation solution you need.

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