All You Need to Know About Microblading Eyebrows

Well-tended eyebrows can make all the difference to your look, yet it is not always easy to get them right. This is one reason why many women are choosing to undergo a relatively new treatment that is fast becoming popular – that of microblading. If it sound painful, rest assured it’s usually not – it’s rated mild to none and the best in the business use an anaesthetic liquid to negate the pain – so what’s it all about, and why should you be considering having microblading treatment?

Why Choose Microblading?

There are many reasons why microblading eyebrows makes a lot of sense if you really want to look good, so let’s talk about the procedure in some more detail.

First, it’s important to be aware that microblading is a manual procedure – that is, it is carried out by a fully trained and experienced beautician – rather than an automated machine-driven one, so it takes a lot of care and expertise to get right. It comes in the category of ‘permanent make-up’, lasting between 9 to 18 months, and is a less invasive technique than many others.

You may hear it referred to as ‘eyebrow embroidery’ in some cases. The technique involves the use of very fine needles – three times thinner than used in standard procedures – with which an eyebrow is effectively etched onto the skin in minute detail. This is where the expertise of the practitioner comes into play.

Among the advantages of microblading are that it is more permanent than some other treatments, it applies the pigment closer to the skin surface for greater effect, and it is very effective at replacing lost brows or enhancing those that are thin. Overall, it’s a treatment that is becoming more popular all the time thanks to a combination of sensible pricing and effective results.

Touch Up Recommended

If you do decide to go with microblading – and we should say at this point that it is often undergone by men as well as women – then it is highly recommended you undergo a touch up session around 4 weeks from the initial routine. This will help enhance the effect and give you the  best possible results for the next 9 months or more. It’s a simple procedure – a minor microblading procedure if you wish – that will not take long.

The procedure works so well as the pigments used are applied to the outer layer of the skin, rather than within, and are very finely added. Many top salons provide microblading services – Simone in Manchester and London for example – and you will find the prices to be very competitive for such a long-lasting treatment.

If you need your eyebrows enhancing or have scarring in that area microblading is the perfect choice of treatment. The first session will take no more than 90 minutes in which the technician will shape and style your eyebrows to your approval, and the follow up session will be no more than an hour, so why not have a look at microblading in more detail and get the beautiful eyebrows you have always wanted.

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