The Latest in Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is by no means a new concept, but it is one that has been thoroughly developed across the years. Modern laser hair removal techniques are more efficient and successful than ever before, so you can be certain that whatever you need to be done, it will be performed with expertise and efficiency every time. There is, however, one method of laser hair removal that claims to be the best of them all, and that’s what we are going to look at below. For the ultimate in beauty treatments, read on!

The Best Laser Hair Removal System

There re always manufacturers who claim that their product is the best of them all, the most up to date or the most advanced. Sometimes they are making wild claims, but in the case of the Soprano Ice Platinum laser hair removal system, they might just be right. This very efficient, highly effective and up to the minute machine is fast becoming the one to use, and there are many reasons why.

What are the attributes that you look for in a laser hair removal system, or if you want to treatment carried out? Here are a few of the claims made for the Soprano Ice Platinum that might swing it for you:

  • Virtually painless: all treatments make this claim, yet some are more painful than others. The Soprano ICE system claims to be virtually painless, and testimony agrees with this.
  • 3 wavelengths: the different wavelengths of laser light deal with different elements of the hair. Usually, these are performed separately, yet the Soprano utilises three wavelengths at the same time, thus dealing with the three main structures of the hair follicles at once.
  • Fast and no downtime: people lead busy lives and the Soprano really can do its stuff on a lunchbreak, operates very quickly, and is easy to switch between treatments, so no downtime and quicker in and out for the patient!
  • Safe: the Soprano ICE has a proven and certified safety record, so you can assure your patients that all will be done efficiently.
  • All skin tones: having 3 wavelengths makes this device perfect for different skin tones, and also ideal for treatment whatever the time of year.

Does the Soprano ICE system appeal to you? The Simone salon in London offers this service and is ideal for those quick treatments, and you will find their package deals to be very competitive in terms of price, especially when you know they are using the most advanced hair removal system of all.

They also have some attractive and helpful finance packages, so you don’t have to pay for all your treatment at once, and they are more than happy to talk to you about particular deals. This is a friendly and welcoming company offering the very best in first class service – and a full range of beauty treatments in addition to hair removal – so get in touch with Simone now, and see how they can help with your requirements.

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