Are You in Love with Sweaters? Here’s How to Style Them

And it’s time to take those classic cardigans out of your closet, as fall is here, and winter is on its way! There’s no need to worry about trends, as long as you can style them beautifully. Trends are after all set by individuals having excellent fashion sense. So, if you’re wondering what to pair that classic knit with, you have just come to the right place for suggestions. Let’s give you some amazing ideas to style your sweaters this winter.

A pleated floral skirt and glitzy stilettos

That’s exactly how you should style your oversized sweater. Yes, they are very much in style, so there’s no need to fear the fashion police, as you flaunt it casually. Hang a long-chain handbag on the side, and you’ll be good to go. However, you should match the shade of your sweater with the dominant tones in that skirt of yours to prevent looking out of place. Be it a social gathering or a friend’s meet, you’ll surely catch some eyeballs on the way.

Hang it over your shoulders

If you’re wearing denim along with a white shirt, you can hang your sweater over your shoulders to look fashionable and casual at the same time. Don your favorite pair of sneakers to complete the look. You can also tie the sleeves of your sweater around your neck to prevent it from falling off, as well as protect you from the cold.

Don it over a sports bra

The sports bras are gaining in popularity not only as a preferred athleisure wear but also a casual outfit for weekend gatherings or date nights. The fashionistas at fast fashion companies like JustFab believe that there’s no reason to chuck it in winter, because of the cold. You can always wear it with a matching sweater and your favorite pair of jeans. Sport a matching hat to complement the look.

Pair it with a pencil skirt

So, you have a beautiful white sweater that you don’t know where to wear? Well, you can wear it with a solid pencil skirt for the office to create a powerful impression. You can also wear it to a date, or a Friday night out with your friends, as it’s versatile, gorgeous, and highly fashionable. Wear matching shoes and carry a stylish handbag to look your best.

With a contrasting scarf and jeans

If it’s too cold, you can don a scarf with the sweater over your favorite pair of jeans to look fashionable, as well as stay protected in the cold season. Make sure that the color of the scarf is in stark contrast with that of your sweater to create the best effect. However, if your sweater has multiple shades and patterns, it’s best to choose a neutral tone for the scarf. Put on a pair of gorgeous black boots to enhance the look.

You don’t always have to buy trendy sweaters or cardigans, as you can experiment with the other outfits to style them properly. Buy some trendy denim, light-shaded Ts, shirts, and sports bras to pair your cardigans up with. You should also replace your old and worn-out shoes with some glazy boots, stylish pumps, and sneakers to turn some heads, no matter where you go.


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