Minimalism Essentials – Style Staples for Minimalist Dressing

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The minimalist lifestyle is easy to achieve once you’re settled on what it is that you require, to live a more stripped back, simplistic life. Shopping like a minimalist pro is all about favoring well made, beautiful basics that only get better as the years go by. If you’re ready to ditch the ebbs and flows of fast fashion and turn your attention towards quality, timeless essentials that you’ll get endless wear out of, then it’s time you secured these minimalist staples for your wardrobe…


Your jewelry is the easiest way of elevating your closet basics. Building a simple, high quality collection of adornments will help you express yourself each and every day. The essentials you need in your jewelry collection include…

Sterling Silver Studs

Sterling silver stud earrings are the ideal fit for day to day wear. Find a pair of gemstone earrings to bring a subtle hint of color to your minimalist get up. An organic, raw cut gem is going to enhance the beautiful simplicity of your earrings and add just the right amount of personality to your ensembles, wherever it is that you’re off to. Sterling silver is kind to skin and lasts for countless wears, making it the perfect metal for all of your “wear forever” wardrobe foundations.

Statement Pendant

An eye-catching statement pendant is going to completely transform occasion dresses, simple blouses and even your trusty jeans and tee combo. You can find pendants in so many different styles and materials – there are so many options out there. It’s all a question of finding the wearable art that you feel reflects your personality best. Choose solid metal, high quality materials and unique styles to get the most out of your new necklace.

Stacking Rings

Stacking a few dainty rings is a great way to amplify your minimalist wardrobe. Minimalism might be all about restraint, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for just one accessory here and there. You can still curate and style elegant, simple pieces that harmonize together to bring character and individuality to your basic clothing. Allow yourself the space to be expressive and creative within your sophisticated, minimal lifestyle, and you won’t feel limited at all. Shop for quality, hand crafted rings and collect slowly to find items that you can keep, love and wear for a long time to come.


A sculptural, visually interesting bracelet is an amazing way of switching up your summer wardrobe. The right arm embellishment is going to add a lovely metallic accent to your refined color palette, bring rich texture to your look and help you to feel that extra bit dressed up when you’re headed to more formal events. The right style should be comfortable, convenient and unique.

What to look for when shopping minimalist jewelry styles?

Once you’ve decided on the fundamental basics that you’d like to enhance your new minimalist way of life, it’s time to start hunting for them! It really can’t be stressed enough that when you’re shopping for simple, classic jewelry, you have to prioritize quality over quantity. Invest in unique, hand crafted styles to secure pieces that you can keep, wear and hand down over the years. Jewelry collections should be entirely personal, even the minimal ones. You can also look out for ethical practices, sustainable materials, and responsible production while you’re searching to find treasures that don’t come at the cost of those who make them, nor the environment.

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