Be careful how you stress-bust

stress-bustStress is bad. It’s bad for your mood, it’s bad for your health, it’s bad for your relationships and it’s bad for your looks. Nobody has ever been complemented on how beautifully harassed they look!

Once you start to get stressed things can seriously spiral out of control. In fact, stress can be like a slow motion car crash for a healthy lifestyle.

But just like a car crash there are things you can do to avoid getting too stressed. Just like driving too fast, pushing yourself too hard can be the first major risk that leads to an unhappy outcome. Taking control and having the good sense to wind back and de-stress is just as important as taking your foot off the accelerator once in a while.

Of course, different people react to different situations differently, and what might be stressful for one person might be exquisitely enjoyable for another – we are all different, and that’s a point worth bearing in mind when it comes to dealing with your own stress. It is an entirely personal condition and not one that is necessarily going to be improved by comparing yourself with someone else.

Different character types, different age ranges and different star signs are all associated with different relations to stress and anxiety. You may one of those people who need the stimulation that an enhanced stress level brings. This article on ‘Your Sign and Stress’ provides further information on the different ways you can tackle your stress according to your star sign.  For example, if you are Gemini you will respond well to an easy-going, creative activity such as painting or re-organising the furniture.

Younger or older, life throws up its own particular pressures and it is likely that you will learn to deal with them as time goes by. If your first hint of a wrinkle is a worry, imagine what it’s like for your mum! We all have to learn to cope as best we can.

When we talk about stress spiralling out of control we are talking about the way that some strategies for dealing with it do more harm than good. Here are some tactics that need to be carefully controlled if you are going to retain your poise.

Alcohol – everyone’s favourite stress-buster. But it comes with a price. Alcohol is great for social recreation, but as soon as you get to the point where you think it is some sort of magic stress-cure all of its own you are heading down a dangerous path. Handle with care!

Food – comfort eating can be exactly what it describes. But the danger is that all those extra calories will be hard to shift. Not only will you end up feeling guilty, you’ll have to carry that guilt around with you in the form of extra pounds. That’s not going to help you feel better about yourself!

Relationships –  Be aware that if you are suffering from stress, that a fairy tale prince is in all probability not about to ride over the horizon on a white charger to slay all your dragons. It might seem that losing yourself in the whirl of a new relationship will provide an emotional escape from whatever the real issue is, but like everything else in this list, you need to recognise the difference between disguising the problem and dealing with the problem.

Shop treatment – Retail therapy is great for stress it’s true. But take it too far and you might find that shopping for the sake of it can leave you with a wardrobe full of clothes that never see the light of day. Mood shopping can be a dangerous and expensive form of therapy – don’t do anything drastic with that plastic!

Whatever stress busting technique you go for, remember the road ahead is seldom quite as bad as it seems. Talking to friends, and most of all, giving yourself the chance to have some fun are the most important stress-busters of all. It’s true what they say – laughter is the best medicine. And you can’t have too much of that!

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